Diets – people are often dazzled by the results the proponents of different diet plans tell them that they completely forget that understanding diets…knowing both the good and the bad, is essential for weight loss.

If you’re someone planning to adopt a weight loss and diet plan, then you should read on. I’ll be revealing both the good side and the flip side of the coin concerning these weight loss diet plans along with some reminders that you should keep in mind.

Here they are…

Understanding Diets – The Good
If you’re after short term or quick weight loss results, then the most popular low carb, low fat, or low calorie diet plans can surely help. That is their main selling point. They can deliver results in a week or so…provided that you can keep up with the demands of the diet.

The question is – can you? How difficult can it get? To know more, read the next point.

Understanding Diets – The Bad
The not-so-pleasant thing about these diet plans is that the results they provide are anything but permanent. Not to mention it takes herculean effort for you to keep up with their demands. Think about it – do you think you can survive the whole week without rice? What living on fruit juices alone for a couple of days? What about eating chocolates alone for weeks?

You see, many of these diets advocate a super food…saying that this-and-that dish is enough to keep you healthy while helping you lose weight. Unfortunately, science hasn’t discovered any super food yet and I doubt that they will.

Each food or dish brings its own set of advantages and benefits to you and your health. And there’s no single dish that can handle them all.

If you’re going to switch to these diet plans, do so but keep this in mind – you can’t keep up with them for a long time. Try to do so and it will only be a matter of time before you suffer from health setbacks. It’s important to replace them with a greener and healthier diet that caters to your body’s every need as well as a good set of exercises and physical activities to engage in.

A Reminder
No exercise, no diet, no weight loss method is an end-all-be-all solution. There are no magic pills or potions that will transform your body that’s oozing with excess calories and fats into a slim and sexy one. It’s important that you consult your chosen doctor, physician, or fitness expert as to the weight loss regimen that’s suitable for you.

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