Hair cuts for men are always evolving and changing. Some of the time, men’s cuts have been based off of haircuts for women or off of famous movie star haircuts at the time. Short hair has long been a trend for men regardless of what they do with it. Many people may be saying that all the young men that they see in their neighborhood have long, shaggy hair that hangs to their shoulders or worse. This may be true, but it seems that it is a trend with younger guys and not necessarily a fashion trend for all men.

In the eighties and nineties the mohawk was one of the most popular haircut trends. Today, it is the faux-hawk. A pseudo mohawk that is essentially short hair on the sides and longer hair in the middle so that it can spike upwards. A lot of hair gel is used to do this, so it is a trend that many hair stylists like to give because it increases sales in hair care products. Hair that is long enough to sweep over one eye is becoming a trend with many men in the emo or emocore scene. It makes them look mysterious to hide behind their hair.

Hair dying has also become popular with men. This is a trend that has only come about in the last ten years or so, but men have started to highlight and accent their hair either with tips or a full on color. Before, it was common practice to frost the tips, but now, a more trendy practice is to accentuate the natural color of the hair by adding caramel tones or even lighter auburn or red tints. Never before in hair history has this been trendy for men until recently. Fall two thousand ten hairstyle trends indicate that the close cut is going to be the popular choice this year. This style has been popular many times before and seems to continuously come back.

Regardless if you are a younger or an older guy, there is a hairstyle trend that you will be sure to find pleasing. Not all the cuts this season are going to be solely for the young hipster. Many haircuts this year will be suitable for a variety of ages. Ultimately, the perfect cut will depend on personal styling preferences.

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