Many of the programs on the market can bear fruit if you’re motivated enough to decrease the number of calories consumed in a meal or to increase the number of calories burned. What would be an effective and healthy weight loss program?

A diet should be as follows:

First, you will not affect santatea. Contain the recommended daily vitamins, minerals and protein and a small number of calories.
Weight loss program should be directed to a constant weight loss, weight loss and not much in the first days, weeks (if the doctor believes that your health would improve faster if you lose weight in a very short time). The traditional diet is initially weakened in the first two weeks because of fluids that are lost. But back to the usual procedure is the weight quickly bringing it up to that page.
If you plan to lose 10-15 kg, you have health problems, take medications regularly, you should consult a doctor before starting a weight loss program (especially if it is inadequate). How would the doctor may provide your health after following the diet and weight loss. And it’s better to consult a nutritionist to learn how to lose weight really need (depending on age, lifestyle, etc.).
Your diet should also include a period of maintenance after weight loss period. Your health is not improving very much if you lost weight and then you returned to the original weight. Keeping proves to be the hardest part in weight control and not always successful.
During weight loss program should change your eating habits, doing more exercise (to change your lifestyle which led to this increase in weight). It seems like one of the most important factors in maintaining the result is to increase physical activity.
Obesity is a chronic situation. Too often it is seen as a temporary problem that can be treated with a strict diet for a few months. Coping with the extra pounds actually get her entire life. To be effective any “weight loss program”
must address the problem of maintaining or have lost much time, effort and money.Very few people manage to lose a few pounds through diet and less traditional but are those who manage to maintain these results. There are many offerings on the market for weight-loss programs, but because it was worth the time and money must first do not affect your health.

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