Anyone who has ever shopped for a teenager knows they are very picky and getting the right gift can be a challenge. This is usually true for boys than it is for girls. Teenage boys are often already set in their ways and finding a present that is just right is tough. While they are not yet grown men, they are no longer playing with toys from their childhood. If you are stumped for the right present for the teenage boy in your life, there are a few cannot miss options that will have most boys jumping for joy. Most young boys are interested in the Army, Navy, and Air Force, even if it is just leftover intrigue from the days of playing with GI Joe action figures. If this sounds like your favorite young man, consider military gifts. Things like military decals and stickers give them something to slap on text books and notebooks to show their patriotism.

Other boys are huge sports fans and there are nearly limitless options for sports related gifts. Consider giving them a personalized jersey with their favorite team’s logo on it. If they have a favorite player, get them a replica jersey for this player. Autographs are also a huge hit for kids of all ages. If you think they might like an autographed item, give them a framed photo or signed ball or pieces of memorabilia. Be sure to get a certificate of authenticity with the item, as well as a way to display the item in an attractive manner.

Most kids love video games, and many teenage boys are as enthusiastic about video games as they are about anything else in their lives. You can choose one of the hottest new games on the market, or if you really want to go all out, give them the most updated gaming system. There are often accessories that go with games and systems, so if you are looking for something a bit more affordable, consider giving them something to improve their play or make it possible for them to try a new game.

Perhaps the time in our lives when we are most passionate about music is during our teens, and most teenage boys have very specific music interests. Options for boys who love music include fan gear, concert tickets, CDs, and music downloads. Remember it can be tough to keep track of what your teen boy already owns, so try to find ways to let them pick their own songs or give them something you can have a few of, like band t-shirts.

Your final option for present shopping for a teenage boy is to give them a gift card. Some people may think this is a cop-out, but the truth is, adolescent boys are hard to please. If you give them a way to shop for themselves, they are sure to pick out something that will make them happy. If you are in doubt, give a gift card so they can choose their own present.

Stewart Wrighter bought several military gifts online for his son who collects them. He ordered several military decals online for his sons who served in the armed forces.

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