Diets with prepackaged foods today are very popular because very few we have enough time to research both diet and plan to buy and prepare separate meals or refined. It is very helpful if someone else’s research can be completed, provides the necessary nutrition, and provide the food. This is not only convenient, but it frees us to concentrate on other things, as we take care of themselves, exercise and focus on improving our health.

I have lost almost 80 pounds, it is my goalGive an accurate picture of life on this diet plan.

Medifast is a meal replacement program, which means that most of your typical food intake with the diet to replace “to s prepackaged foods. Although the company diabetic, men and other programs are, most people on the five plus to plan one. This means that you have five of the meal plan and more “lean and green” meal that you make yourself want to eat. That’s basically lean protein and salad orVegetables.

Consume in a typical day, most people, a breakfast, mid morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, a lean and green dinner and a night snack. Although your main meal can be at any given time, most people do dinner, so that they can enjoy a regular meal with their family.

There are over 70 food options from the program. Notice I said food and non-liquid. Although many people assume that a medifast shake or liquid only diet, but it is not real. ManyPeople like the shakes and they are a popular component of the program, but they are not the only part. Although there are many “easy” cash options, such as fruit drinks, soups, puddings, and stews, there are so many solid food choices like eggs, oatmeal, and chili, to name a few. There are also many options such as snacks bars and crackers.

I believe that this plan is successful, as did the food is high in protein and low in carbohydrates and calories. That brings the body into a typemetabolic state called ketosis, your body will burn it’s own fat, ie, when sufficient carbohydrate is not available.

Medifast is one of the cheapest or the best food in prepackaged diet plans. It’s about $ 8 – $ 10 per day, and you pay only for the food. There are no additional fees, and you do not need a counselor or a prescription.

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