Delhi is known to be great place for food lovers. In this city you can find food of your choice,no matter what is your budget and where have you come from. There are varieties of restaurants eateries in Delhi which serve wide variety of cuisines from various nations around the world.Moreover, cuisines from different states are presented in several Delhi restaurants. If you love eating authentic South Indian food, you need not go all the way to South India states. You can find it right here in Delhi. Delhi has a wide range of South Indian restaurants serving mouth watering south Indian food in delhi.

Not only in South India, is the South Indian food popular in various other regions of India,especially in North and West India. The simplicity of its preparation, easy availability of ingredients, and the crispy and spicy flavor of South India food have made it popular among the food lovers. Moreover, this food is among the least expensive food items if you look at the price chart of a multi cuisine restaurant. Idli, Dosa, Sambhar, Rasma, Papad and more are the favorite with a lot of people in Delhi. Though there are several south India restaurants in Delhi serving all kinds of South Indian food, but there are only a few restaurants in Delhi which serve authentic South Indian food.

One plate of a South Indian dish such as Dosa or Idli is enough for one person. The more interesting thing is you can eat South Indian food in delhi any time of the day; breakfast, lunch or dinner.The main ingredients in this kind of food are rice and Dal. The food is so light that it gets digested every quickly.

South Indian chutneys are another part of South Indian food in delhi which makes it that sumptuous.These chutneys are made from coconuts, peanuts, tamarind,fenugreek seed and cilantro.

If you want to eat to hot, direct from the hot plate, go to any south Indian food in delhi,otherwise you can place your order for home delivery too as several restaurants offer this option.

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