The truth is that most diets, if followed to a tee, will give you the results youre after. However, even the best of diets (Atkins lets you eat cheese, butter and bacon) you will still crave the foods youre not allowed to eat. SO in the end it all comes down to your level of commitment and willpower.

If youre searching for a diet to add to your fitness regime to help you shed those unwanted pounds, here are a few of the most popular ones that have stood the test of time. From stay at home moms to big shot celebrities, they have one thing in common.all looking for diets that work

1) Glycemic Index:
It believes in eating only carbs that that are low glycemic and dont affect your insulin levels

2) Macrobiotic Diet:
This is a low-fat, high-fiber diet. You won’t eat a ton of meat on this plan. Actually fish in moderation is as close as it gets. Mainly youll be eating whole grains and seasonal/local fruits and veggies.

3) Nutrisystem:
A prepackaged meal plan that allows people to eat 5 times a day while incorporating their own fruits and veggies into the meals.

4) Raw Food:
This diet suggests that cooking foods at high temperatures kills the nutrition and enzymes. It recommends eating raw foods to live a healthier life.

5) The Zone:
The Zone is based on a diet of carbs (40%), fat (30%) and protein (30%). Basically the goal is to control your bodys insulin level.

6) The Sonoma Diet:
The Sonoma Diet is based on Mediterranean lifestyle. Lots of oils and antioxidant rich foods.

7) Jenny Craig:
A personal consultant helps build a diet that works for each individual’s weight-loss needs and also serves as a motivator to stick with the plan. Clients can choose already-created menus or create their own menu that consists of Jenny Craig-brand food, along with fruits and vegetables.

8) The South Beach Diet:
The South Beach Diet is similar to Atkins, in which it limits carbs. It focuses on higher protein.

9) Weight Watchers:
Weight Watchers has a plan called Points Plus, it assigns a specific number of points to its followers specific food they eat has a points value.

10) Organic:
This diet consists of whole foods, nothing processed and no sweeteners. Basically you want to eat foods that have been raised without cruelty and zero pesticides.

If youre someone who wants to learn how to lose weight then is for you. We show you how to lose weight with diets that work. Learn from the pros who train the pros.

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