Incorporating these fat loss tips will improve your nutrition program. Start slowly and add one week, you do not need to approve all of them at once. Before long, you have cleaned your diet and your way of achieving your goal. Trendy diets, the fads and infomercial product of the month are not going to help you achieve your weight loss goals. A well thought out diet and exercise program will. Eat breakfast Proven again and again; those who eat breakfast are more successful at weight control than those who do not.


Now when you do strength training exercises (and you know you should be), is even more important to some of these fuels your muscles after an overnight fast. The perfect time for burning fat because glycogen, blood glucose and insulin levels are all low. Unfortunately, may also be perfect for burning muscle, because glycogen levels are low, and levels of catabolic stress hormone cortical are high.


For people who have ventured into various diet plans and achieved nothing makes the task more complicated and frustrating. Many people fail to remember that a diet is effective for some but not all. This is due to various reactions of the organism. Despite the fact that there is an easy weight loss strategy that you can do which does not involve deprivation and calorie restriction.


• Experiment by removing milk from your diet: – Some people are lactose intolerant or allergic to milk and do not know. (Note: a strict diet bodybuilding season usually does not include whole grains / bread and dairy products.


• Do not eat protein bars or nutrition bars: – Several “nutritional bars” are made entirely from food ingredients, so it is preferable to others, but all the protein bars or food is processed food. When going to break a plateau, you need to be strict in your diet, so get rid of the bars.


• Rewrite your goals and bound in these: – Be specific and clear on exactly what you want. Not vague generalities such as “I want to be thinner.” Write your goals on a card and you are always with you. Twice a day, morning and evening, review and mentally visualize yourself with your body you just want to have. Feel how you feel (emotionally) if you have already succeeded. Remember, if you have a negative image for you, everything will go wrong and you will sabotage yourself.


• Drink nearly 4 liters of water a day: – Be keen on water intake. «Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle”. Questions? Read Chapter 13 of the book «Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle”.


• Increase the frequency of cardiopulmonary exercise: – If you make less than 6 times a week, 30-45 minutes cardio, then gradually increase the duration and frequency to 6 days, 30-45 minutes (if you start to lose fat by 4 days a week from 30 minutes, then stop there, then as necessary, neither more nor less). If you do cardio daily, increase the intensity (see below) and watch your diet.


• Increase the intensity cardio exercise: – Remember that you can increase the intensity and burn more calories at the same time doing cardio more intense. Challenge yourself to see how many calories you burn at the same time. Keep personnel file. Exercise with a partner and challenge one another. Make aerobic efficiency, not just weight training. Look for new limits. Remember, your body adapts.


• Cut out alcohol: – Do not drink any alcohol. Not even a beer or even a glass of red wine. If you get stuck in a plateau, you are not able to do so. Even though Sound impossible, this is a matter of principle and discipline as the program becomes progressively more stringent.


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