There are so many miracle programs promoting fast weight loss everywhere you look today, that it may be confusing for an average person to decide whom to believe, whose advice to follow, and which diet to chose. One of the popular trends is the so-called low-calorie diet.

500 Calorie Diet: Do low calorie diet plans work?

The most extreme of these diets is the 500 calorie diet. But whether it’s the 500 calorie diet, 1000 calorie diet, 1200 calorie diet, or whatever other number you choose – low calorie dieting is NOT an effective solution to the problem of excess weight for most people.

This is because for many people being overweight is not caused by HOW MUCH they eat, but by WHAT they eat. It’s only part of the truth that people put on excess weight because they consume too many calories. Overweight people make bad food choices – consuming far too much fat and other unhealthy foods compared to people with normal weight. The truth is that as long as you are consuming the wrong foods, you will not be able to lose weight.

Of course, if you eat fewer calories than your body expands- you will eventually lose weight. It will take a while, because your body will adjust its metabolic rate to your new caloric intake and burn the calories slower.

However, most people on low calorie diets FAIL because they are unable to stay hungry and control their portion sizes forever. The desire to eat more food eventually gets too strong and wins, so the weight is put on again.

Instead, permanent changes should be made to your eating habits and lifestyle. You need a reasonable plan that will make it possible to lose weight AND enjoy a normal life at the same time. You don’t need to deprive yourself to be thin and healthy. If you desire to lose weight effortlessly, adopt a diet that consist of mainly fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and beans, with limited consumption of meats, fish and diary. If you eat mostly a plant-based diet, it’s impossible to get fat.

Of course, the change may not be easy for many people. Our habits are certainly hard to change, that’s why you need to make it as easy as possible in the beginning.

If you are struggling to lose some weight quickly, what you truly need is a COMMON SENSE guide that will steer you in the right direction.

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