The next of my weight loss tips is the HCG diet, even though it is not a diet at all. I am surprised at the gullibility of so many people where diets and their health are concerned. The Atkins diet is a prime example: people blindly followed it without understanding that a lack of plant antioxidants in their diet can cause a great deal of harm to their cardiovascular system. It might be good for short-term weight loss but can likely cause damage over the longer term without you taking the supplements marketed by -guess who – yep, Dr. Atkins!

For you to avoid these side effects, it is necessary to take supplements, such as those recommended by Dr. Atkins: as many as 63 of them if I remember correctly, and he marketed many of these himself. That would appear to remove ‘impartiality’ as one of the terms relating to Dr Atkins.

The main point I am trying to make is that those that use them appear to make no attempt to research them properly before trusting their health to them. That would constitute one of my principal weight loss tips: check out the diet before you blindly take it. Take HCG: it isn’t even a diet!!

The HCG Diet: What is it?

The so-called ‘HCG diet’ is a series of injections introduced hypodermically directly into your muscles. HCG is correctly known as Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, a substance produced by the placenta of pregnant women. It converts the fat in the mother’s fat cells to be metabolised to glucose and then energy for the developing fetus.

Fat is a carbohydrate, and can be used by your metabolism to generate energy once the carbohydrate in your diet has been used up. By being injected straight into your muscles HCG can covert fat into energy. At least it was believed so until recently.

It is now believed that HCG tells your brain that you are full, and need eat no more. The result of that is that your stores of carbohydrate in your diet are quickly depleted and your metabolism will turn to your fat stores as the next quick energy source. What that means is that HCG is not a diet but a medical treatment that has the function of suppressing your appetite.

Now you might think it doesn’t matter how it works so long as you lose weight, and frequently this assertion is correct. In fact, as far as I know there have been no reported side effects of the HCG diet, as we refer to it for the meantime, and so there appear to be no reason why you should not use it. So should it be included in my weight loss tips? If not, then why not?

I can think of one reason being that if your appetite is artificially suppressed before you have eaten sufficient healthy nutrition, then you will only be short of vitamins and minerals, but also of antioxidants and other essential biochemicals and so reducing your nutritional intake could damage your cardiovascular system – not uncommon when your diet is low on nutrients, particularly antioxidants. Still, there have been no significant side-effects reported, although these can often be tied up with a treatment only after a few years usage.

I would not take HCG treatment myself to be honest, because I don’t regard hypodermic treatment to lose weight is something for the consumer. I could not realistically include hypodermic treatment as one of my weight loss tips.

It is said to enable you to lose up to 5 lb a day – that rate of weight loss is not healthy and in this case, fastest is certainly not best. up to maybe 5 pounds a week may be acceptable or perhaps even a pound a day, but 5 pounds – that is the same as 20 sticks of butter. Is it really healthy to lose that much every day – 140 a week?

As far as I am concerned, definitely not. Because the HCG diet appears to produce the desired result, then it should likely be included in my list of weight loss tips. Perhaps it should be, but I cannot possibly look upon a series of injections as being a diet and a valid weight loss program. Decide for yourself.

More of Pete’s weight loss tips including detailed information on the HCG Diet are available on Pete’s site Slimming Tips

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