In order to lose weight at a steady pace is it necessary to stick to very low calorie diet i.e., 600 calories a day? Actually no should be the answer as this diet plan would just mean starvation. Though after the diet plan gets over you might experience certain weight loss but what after that? As you return back to your normal eating habits you would again start gaining weight. As such, it is always advised that one should opt for healthy methods so that the metabolism rate of his/her body does not get disturbed.

Weight loss with 600 calorie a day

One should not opt for such low calorie diets as it would harm the body definitely. Moreover, it only means that you are starving to torture your body and lose weight in an unhealthy manner. Moreover, there are many side effects due to which one should not stick to such low calorie diets: Check them out:

* This low calorie diet breaks the muscle masses for energy

* The rate of metabolism will also slow down

* Moreover, very low calories would lead to nutritional deficiencies, fatigue, sluggishness and irritability.

Thus considering the aforementioned side effects it is always advisable that one should always opt for the safe methods. In fact, a healthy combination of good diets and regular workouts would definitely help you to get rid of the extra fats at a steady pace.

You can check out the following points that would help you lose weight in a healthy manner:

* Stick to 2000 calorie diet: If you are very much keen to cut down your calorie intake then you must opt for the 2000 calorie diet plan. This is actually the standard level and would help you to lose weight in a very healthy manner. Moreover, in such a diet plan the metabolism rate of your body would also not get disturbed.

* Acai Berry Diet with Colon Cleansing Supplement: This dynamic duo would help you to lose weight definitely. Actually, the acai berry would increase the rate of metabolism and suppress your hunger. In such a process, your body start burning fats and during the dieting session also you don’t suffer from mood swing as it comes complimented with the herbal mood enhance constituents. Further, the colon cleansing supplement would flush out all the unwanted toxins from your body which would result in weight loss definitely.

* Cardio Workout: It is very essential to develop the habit of doing exercises such as swimming, jogging, brisk walking etc., as these workouts enhance the metabolism rate of the body which ultimately leads to weight loss.

Inefficiency of metabolism is the prime cause for weight gain. The next step is to increase the metabolic rate to burn fat naturally.

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