Generally, clean eating helps develop a habit of eating healthy foods to achieve a healthy life. There are a lot of delicious foods that are mistaken as healthy foods, and junk foods and fast foods are major temptations to many. Although they are readily available to ease hunger, they are not, in any way, beneficial to ones health.

Eating clean foods, does not mean eating fruits and vegetables alone. Of course, diet should be balanced, with enough amounts of carbohydrates and protein. Protein sources should come from clean, unprocessed meat and poultry. These kinds of meat and poultry come from animals which are allowed to have free access to outdoor pastures. Caged animals are often injected with chemicals and growth hormones, making its meat unhealthy. When buying meat, it is also important to choose lean meat, which is meat with lower amounts of fat.

Fruits and vegetables are essential products in a clean diet, so there should always be a large amount of these in every meal. However, there are a lot of fruits and vegetables which are chemically treated and preserved using preservatives, pesticides, and additives. Health nutritionists warn consumers about the health risks that these food products may cause. Just like meat products, it is best to purchase purely organic fruits and vegetables.

Dairy products are the best sources of calcium and protein. These two nutrients are essential in building up muscles and strengthening bones. Low-fat organic products are healthy options for making eat clean diet recipes. Organic dairy products have digestion-helping live bacteria and active yeast that makes body resistant to viruses.

Eat clean diet recipes must also contain whole grains as a source of carbohydrates and energy. Whole grains contain more vitamins and minerals than ordinary grains. Whole grains can be made into flour for baking healthy bread and pastries. There are also oatmeal products made from whole grains, which are better than breakfast cereals as far as clean eating is concerned.

Everybody should eat clean foods, instead of pre-processed ones. Eating clean does not require skipping meals or completely depriving yourself of the unhealthy food that you have gotten used to. Eating clean is simply eating more healthy foods and minimizing unhealthy ones.

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