Peanut Butter Cup Heart
[1] Broken peanut butter cups in a chocolate heart box (photo courtesy Justin’s).

Chopped Chocolate Heart
[2] Chop or break up chocolate bars to create a “broken heart” (photo courtesy Hebert Candies).


If your Valentine’s Day will be more doleful than joyful—or if you simply have a twisted sense of humor—express your feelings in broken-heart chocolate.

  • Break apart peanut butter cups (photo #1) or other chocolate candy.
  • Chop up chocolate bars and form them into a heart shape (photo #2).
  • Take a meat mallet (or a small hammer covered in plastic wrap) to a box of bonbons, smashing in the tops.
  • Partially melt chocolate hearts, as if they were weeping.

  • Make black cupcakes (recipe).
  • Pipe skeleton heads or jagged lines across the top of iced cupcakes.
  • Broken heart sugar cookies.
  • Ice unhappy message heart cookies: Broken, Die, Go Away, Hate You, Love Sucks, Misery, Sad, etc.

    Use an existing form:

  • A heart-shaped plate.
  • The bottom half of a Valentine candy box.
  • A heart-shaped cake pan.
  • A cardboard heart or heart-shape paper plates from the party or craft store.
  • A large heart-shape doily…
    …Or create the shape freestyle (photo #2).

    …Or do all of the above!


    If you want to lay it on thickly:

  • Black balloons.
  • Black streamers.
  • “Happy Valentine’s Day” banner with pasted-on “UN.”


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