Looking for toys for your one year old child is made easy due to the many toys sold in different stores nowadays. In looking for toys for your baby, there are only two things you have to keep in mind namely: that the toys should be interesting for the kids i.e. colorful and has sounds and should help the child develop his skills mentally, physically and emotionally.

Push toys are great for kids aging one year old and up. These toys have balls or wheels on the end of a long handle and these balls/wheels rolls when the handle is pushed. These toys are suitable for young kids. Push toys are great in helping kids learn to walk and developing their motor skills when they walk and run with it.

Baby dolls oftentimes have round tummy, soft hair, belly button, toes, eyes and noticeable facial features which make them perfect for little girls. Baby dolls also serve a great companion for your baby girl and she will love holding her doll for security. Baby dolls also help your little girl develop her nurturing feelings.

Beach play set is a toy for young boys. The set includes watering can, bucket, sand sifter and shovel which your boy can use when playing outdoors. The set is perfect for your child’s active lifestyle and will keep them occupied and having fun for a long span of time. Your son can use it in the garden, in his sand box or when you are spending some time in the park.

Bilibo is a multi-function toy that is safe for 1-year old babies. It has ample space where you child can fit and sit on even when he has grown up. Bilibo is created with a shape like a smiling face. It is made of strong material that allows your child to sit on it, spin it, turn it upside-down then stand and balance on it. because Bilibos allow your child to play with it in any way he wants, it helps in developing him mentally.

These are sample toys you can buy for your one year old. Simply make sure that in buying your child things to play with, it is safe for him, interesting and educational.

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