Cherry Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwiches
[1] Cherry vanilla ice cream sandwiches are one way to celebrate Washington’s birthday (photo courtesy

Dried Cherries
[2] Dried cherries to sprinkle on anything or serve with cheese (photo courtesy Murray’s Cheese).

Cherries Jubilee
[3] Frozen cherries turned into Cherries Jubilee (photo courtesy Williams-Sonoma).

Cherry Liqueur Shot
[4] Enjoy a shot of cherry liqueur, or add it to tea or atop ice cream or sorbet (photo courtesy Cocktail Guiden).


Today is the birthday of George Washington, leader of the Continental Army and first president of the United States Of America.

His honesty is a lesson for us all; after chopping down his father’s beloved cherry tree as a young boy, he admitted, “I cannot tell a lie…I did cut it with my hatchet.”

While that story has since been found to be apocryphal, created by his biographer after Washington’s death, the association with cherries endures (more myths about George Washington).

It’s a happy excuse to celebrate the day with cherries at every meal:

  • Beverages: cherry juice spritzer; Cherry Margarita, Cherry Martini or other cherry cocktails; a shot of cherry liqueur (or add it to hot tea).
  • Breakfast: cherry jam on toast, cherry home fries with eggs, cherry yogurt, a glass of cherry juice, pancakes with maple cherry syrup.
  • Lunch Or Dinner: cherry chili; dried cherries in a green salad or grain bowl; dried cherries in sandwiches (chicken salad, grilled cheese, tuna salad), duck or pulled pork with cherry sauce; pork chops with cherry sauce, spiced cherries (delicious with savory dishes as well as desserts).
  • Dessert: cherries jubilee,cherry cheesecake, , cherry fruit soup, cherry pie, cherry sorbet, cherry tart, cherry tiramisu.
    And if you’re feeling especially indulgent, some chocolate-covered cherries. And less indulgent, this…
    RECIPE: CHERRY VANILLA ICE CREAM SANDWICH made the cherry ice cream in photo #1 from scratch; here’s the recipe.

    But you can do it in minutes with a trip to the market to buy cherry vanilla ice cream plus cookies or brownies.

    Then, soften the ice cream on the counter until you can spread it, and you’re in business.

    (No cherry vanilla ice cream in the store? Swirl canned or frozen cherries into softened vanilla ice cream.)

    1. USE a rubber spatula to place the ice cream on the bottom cookie. Add the top cookie and use a metal spatula to remove excess ice cream from the sides.

    2. WRAP each sandwich in plastic and place it in the freezer to harden. In half an hour, you’re ready to celebrate.

    NOTE re brownies: If the brownies are thick, slice them in half horizontally. You can also use pound cake slices.

    The History Of Cherries
    The different Types Of Cherries



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