Good Diet Foods To Lose Weight Fast

Incorporate this food in your diet and you will satisfy your hunger , get lots of nutrients and it is the perfect snack so can be eaten any time.

This is one of natures most under rated foods, yet its importance should not be ignored. So what is this food? Good Diet Foods To Lose Weight Fast

Apples! Read on and you will see just how good they are for you and how they can help lose weight when incorporated in ANY diet.

Featured in the Bible and other ancient writings, the apple has a colorful and varied history.

Apples why they help you lose weight!

It is also well known to farmers that apples should NOT be fed to their pigs, as it satisfies them, and they eventually will not gain the desired weight.

This “secret” also applies to people, and not only will the apple help a dieter lose weight, it has amazing health benefits as you will see below.

Apples are full of goodness and protect against disease

Continuing research suggests that eating apples regularly may reduce the risk of various cancers, such as colon, prostate, and lung. Furthermore, eating apples regularly appear to aid those with heart disease and cholesterol problems.

But that is not all.

There is a group of chemicals in apples could protect the brain from the type of damage that triggers such neurodegenerative diseases as Alzheimer’s and senile dementia.

Amazingly the apple phenolics (naturally occurring antioxidants) and found in fresh apples, protects nerve cells from neurotoxicity. An apple a day can indeed, “keep the doctor away”.

A Fantasitc source of fibre to satisfy hunger

In dieting however, the apple appears unequaled as a source of dietary fiber, moisture, micro-nutrients, vitamins (see table at end of this article), and its flavor is well-known to be satisfying as to assist with our appostat reaction (the neurological reaction that tells our body to STOP eating).

The secret is simple, effective, safe and beneficial beyond your expectations.

Have an apple before each of your meals. Three a day is recommended, but if you are hungry and need a snack, some apple juice or an apple between meals also works.

You will eat less, you will see the kilos melt away, and your health will improve.

It’s as simple as that.

Further, from the Materia Medica, it is stated that the apple is a heart protector, it lowers blood cholesterol due to its pectin content, it lowers blood pressure; it regulates blood sugar; and apple juice kills infectious viruses; strengthens the nerves; acts as liver tonifier and a blood purifier.

No other fruit has so many qualities.

More than that, natural remedies (since recorded history) suggest that eating apples can cure (or assist the body to cure) the following:

jaundice and other bilious conditions, indigestion, diarrhea, constipation; atherosclerosis, hypotension; gout, arthritis; skin eruptions; anemia and lymphatic system disorders. Good Diet Foods To Lose Weight Fast

For the dieter, this is the ideal food.

The chemical analysis of a medium sized apple.

raw apple with skin

calories (kcal): 81

weight (g): 138

water (%): 84.1

protein (g): 0.3

fat (g): 0.5

carbohydrates (g): 21.1

unsaturated fatty acid (g): 0.4

saturated fatty acid (g): 0.1

calories from fat (%): 5.6

cholesterol (mg): 0

dietary fiber (g): 2.8

vitamin A (RE): 7

vitamin A (IU): 74

vitamin B1 (mg): 0.02

vitamin B2 (mg): 0.02

vitamin B3 (mg): 0.1

vitamin B6 (mg): 0.07

vitamin B12 (mcg):

vitamin C (mg): 8

vitamin E (IU): 1

folic acid (mcg): 4

pantothenic acid (mg): 0.08

sodium (mg): 1

potassium (mg): 159

calcium (mg): 10

phosphorus (mg): 10

magnesium (mg): 6

iron (mg): 0.25

zinc (mg): 0.05

copper (mg): 0.057

manganese (mg): 0.062

natures super food!

The apple is wholesome and promotes health, it gives you a full supply of nutrients and vitamins, some important minerals, a micro amount fat, useful carbohydrates, a perfect combination of unsaturated fatty acids to saturated ones, and water.

Best of all, Apples taste good, is a natural food, and will satisfy your hunger. You cannot help but to lose weight and gain lots of other benefits to! Good Diet Foods To Lose Weight Fast

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