The field of mobile phones have now thousand times more number of options open. Earlier it was the case that the customers had a fewer number of choice. Network providers were less in number and so were the number of mobile phone manufacturing companies. But now the level of competition is high with the customers having more needs to be satisfied. The previous most popular deals were the contract phones but that was just due to the fact that there were less number of other options. But now the most popular of them are the Pay as you go mobile phones. These deals offer the user with the benefits of each and every kind of deal. They provide well balanced flexibility and stability. You get to go online and visit some cheap and smart mobile phone shopping website. There you can choose the payg option. Now you will be prompted to choose the brand of the mobile phone that you would like to purchase. The next step displays the large number of options. You will find the best of the mobile phone network providers having the market full of cheap and attractive handsets. There the choice lies completely on you to select what is the best suited deal for you. But some customers may be a bit lazy to choose the most Cheap pay as you go mobile phones. For them the online shopping portals have the option that while they display you the results the order of popularity is followed. So the top result is the most popular result. Cheap Pay as you go phones and actually follow the concept of pre-payment. So the user can enjoy having the payment made in advance and then talk for as many minutes as purchased by the voucher. These vouchers can be easily purchased online. Then they are needed to be activated on your number. Another advantage of these phones is that you do not have to make the whole monthly payment at once. Yo have to pay as you use the services.

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