Rica, 16, woke up with a fat, ugly zit on top of her nose, and she frantically yelled to her Mom that she needs immediate Acne Skin Treatment, or she might just put off going to the dance which will be held a week later. This, to her (and most probably to most people of any age) is a dire emergency situation. It’s a matter of being accepted and of being happy in this once in a lifetime phase in her life.

Like many teenagers (about 90% of them), Rica suffers from occasional acne breakout and it can be so frustrating because it includes those times that she needs to be in her very best appearance. She is naturally conscious with how she looks because, lets face it, young people tend to befriend those with personality or those with smooth, clear and healthy skin, with the body to go with it and the fashionable clothes that wrap them.

Young people, expectedly, may not have the foggiest notion what causes acne, nor do they know much about acne treatment. So, for a very simple explanation, acne, also known as pimple or zit, in teenagers, are caused by the raging hormonal changes during puberty. In this development phase, there is an over production of sebum (oil) in the face, neck, scalp and at the back of the body. When the dead skin cells combine with the sebum, it clogs hair follicles or pores in the skin. The clogged pores are ideal conditions for bacteria to proliferate, thus, the mix of sebum, dead skin cells and bacteria, causes acne. What makes it worse are outside factors like using oily skin and hair products, pricking, touching, vigorous scrubbing/cleaning. All of these irritate and infect the acne and may delay the healing process.

Stress is also a common cause of acne aggravation. A study conducted suggests that it is not mainly because of the increase of sebum production during stressful times, but because stress causes worsening of swellings in the body, including acne.

Acne problems could start early in life and if left uncontrolled, may go well into adulthood and can cause irreparable damage in self-esteem. Therefore, effective acne skin care treatment must be undertaken. It is said that there is no miraculous cure to acne, but there are those who claim that using the right mix of medicated soaps and creams can reduce acne considerably. For those who can afford the expense, they go for the technology-assisted skin care treatments. Herbal products or going all-natural are the way for some.

Nevertheless, it is still best to consult a dermatologist because, as an expert on skin disorders, they can better trace the causes, and can recommend the specific products and methods for treatment for a specific kind of acne. One thing is quite sure that doctors will tell Rica and her mother, as they look for acne skin treatment, in that a well-balance diet, regular exercise, plenty of water, enough sleep, good hygiene and proper handling of stress are necessary for a healthy, pimple-free skin.

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