Many of us may have tried all kinds of diets for weight loss. It is also possible that the weight went northwards instead of going down! You keep trying out new diet plans but nothing seems to work. Weight loss industry has been spending a lot of time and money to come up with effective solutions for weight loss and has come up with a system called calorie counting.

Calorie counting does not follow any fixed diet plan but teaches you facts about the food you consume. It is becoming a very effective weight loss solution, as you get to know what your body really requires. When you lose weight with calorie counting you will be better prepared to continue with your new weight.

Weight loss has a lot to do with calories and nothing else is as important. This in fact is no diet fad or a gimmick. It has been proven scientifically. Anything you consume has calories and as Calories are energy; it is used for all physical activities your body does. You will gain weight if you take in more calories than you can burn. To sum it up weight loss is the battle between calories taken and burnt.

Now the question is how does one know the amount of calorie one is taking in with the food we consume. You can get handheld calorie counters which will help you lookup nutrition values of the food you are eating. There are online calorie counter also which have nutritional information for more than 70,000 food items which is normally consumed by us in our diet. This is a very good way of keeping check on the amount of calorie we consume on a daily basis and will also help us with weight loss.

It is a well known fact that for weight loss the energy consumed must be less than the energy spent. This is the reason why calorie counting can help you with effective weight loss. It touches the core of the issue and you don’t have to make any special diets plans. You can make your own food diary by checking out the calorie database now. Remember, eating a healthy diet is the basis for the success of your weight loss goal. You will be able to make essential and optimistic modifications which will be beneficial for you all your life.

It has also been found in some research’s that it becomes much more difficult to lose pounds even with exercise if you eat too many calories. For example before, people who tend to consume more calories on a regular basis, will actually burn fewer calories while exercising compared to individuals who eat less calories. It is true that if you start eating a healthy diet with the aid of calorie counting you will never have to worry about weight loss or gain.

There are several models of calorie counting devices available like Calorie Smart which is a handheld calorie counter and food diary which can be very helpful in your weight loss goal. It is not just a portable calorie counter or electronic diet and exercise diary but also has nutritional content of many different types and brands of food.

Monica Kosann is an expert author on health and fitness related topics and currently working for Coheso, Inc. Coheso makes handheld devices and diaries for diabetes management and weight loss. Track3 is a small customizable handheld carb and calorie counter that helps individuals self-manage their diabetes. CalorieSmart is a handheld calorie counter that helps people tailor their weight loss plan.

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