It is not easy to choose from low glycemic index list of foods over your normal. However, you can change this.

Eating low glycemic index foods will make you feel better in short order. And that can have a strong positive effect on your ability to stick to your new regimen.

Making a change in the way that you normally eat takes a lot of will power and a commitment to change your life.

You might follow several approaches. Which one you choose depends on the type of person you are. Some people do better with drastic cold turkey changes, while others prefer a gradual period of adjustment.

All at Once.

If you decide to do the all at once “cold turkey” approach, it may be best to wait until you have very little food in the house. Now do not gorge yourself to get rid of all the high glycemic items. Instead, use this period of a few days to set your mental resolve for the big change. It would not hurt to gift some of the worst offenders to friends; co-workers etc. just to clear the decks for your new healthier lifestyle.

Then head to the grocery store with your low glycemic index list of foods to replenish the empty cupboards.

Stock up on low glycemic index foods that are good for your health. This means that you have no options for bad eating, and therefore you are almost ‘stuck’ eating healthy! Focus on your diet when you go shopping, and you will have fewer problems when you are hungry and eating.

Over Time.

Introducing gradual changes into your diet is not always the easy. There are many temptations to overcome. However, for many this is the only way to go. The key is probably to eliminate high glycemic foods categorically, one by one. Add a new high glycemic food to the forbidden list each week.

You may want to make a list in advance, or just pick a day and choose a new one every Monday or whatever day you choose.

In addition, while you are eliminating foods, start making a point of adding at least one low on the glycemic index to your diet.

Eventually, it is going to be easier to eat according to the index.

Why Make the Change?

Changing your lifestyle is difficult. Food and your eating habits are ingrained in us. They reflect our childhood, and everything that has happened to us since. Nevertheless, when you commit and take that critical step toward a healthy diet and balance of your life. The science behind the glycemic diet is sound. Your personal decision to change your eating patterns will make a noticeable difference in your health, weight and vitality.

Make sure that you are ready for the change. Make the choice to eat low glycemic index food, and stick to the plan.



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