Potlicker Beer Jelly
[1] Four of the 10 flavors of beer jelly (all photos courtesy Potlicker Kitchen).

Potlicker Pumpkin Ale Beer Jelly
[2] Seasonal flavors are also produced.

Homemade Peanut Butter Cups
[3] Cook and bake to your heart’s content. How about peanut butter and jelly cups with beer jelly?

Beer Jelly & Steak
[4] Beer jelly is a delicious glaze for proteins, and makes an easy sauce.


For a few years at the big annual specialty food trade show, we’ve been enchanted by a line of artisan jellies from Potlicker Kitchen in Stowe, Vermont.

So why haven’t written about them?

We were overwhelmed, because the beer an wine jellies deserve a special focus, as do the fruit jellies and jams.

So today, we take the first step: recommendation of the beer, with the fruit and wine jellies to come in a separate article.

Potlicker started as a food blog that focused on canning. The recipes, and the acclaim they received from friends and family, evolved into a small business.

Says Nancy Warner, the jelly maestro: “The canning pot never left the stove and I turned everything I could pick, purchase, and grow into preserves.

“One very long winter and a late night of canning, I ran out of fruit to turn into jam. I turned to my fridge and cabinets, which may have been void of fruit but were reasonably well stocked with beer, wine, and booze. I knew of wine jelly and quickly whipped up some Rosemary Garlic Chablis wine jelly, after adapting a recipe from the Ball Blue Book.

“Totally thrilled with the result, I immediately knew I needed to make a beer jelly. I had never heard of beer jelly. As a craft beer lover, it was important to me to make an unadulterated beer jelly that actually looks and tastes like beer, not spices or apples.”

She succeeded!

“Eventually…I packed up my canning and a bit of baking and went to market. People loved the [jelly] flavors I made, but the beer jelly really stole the show. It was the first thing to sell out and I thought “Maybe I’m onto something.” So I just followed the path as it opened in front of me.”

We’re so glad that she did.

The beer jellies are made with Vermont craft beers.

What does beer jelly taste like? It tastes like the beer it’s made with, which is why you need to use great beers.

India Pale Ale Jelly has the distinct flavor profile of an IPA; a Pumpkin Ale Jelly will


When you get your first jar, you’ll want to dip into it with a spoon—and that’s just fine. But, use it any way you would use jelly or preserves.

In addition to your own creations, here are suggestions and recipes:
As A Condiment

  • Beer Jelly Vinaigrette
  • In yogurt
  • On a cheese platter
  • On a sandwich (cheese, ham, turkey, PB&J)
  • On toast
    Mains & Sides

  • Beer Jelly Caramelized Onions
  • Beer Jelly Baked Salmon
  • Beer Jelly Glazed Chicken Wings
  • Beer Jelly Glazed Ham
  • Beer Jelly Short Ribs
  • Porter Glazed Beets
    As A Sweet

  • Beer Jelly Caramel Corn
  • Beer Jelly Cupcakes With Beer Jelly Filling
  • PB & J Muffins
  • Porter Swirled Pecan Blondies
  • Sorbet Or Ice Cream Topping

    Current flavors include:

  • Apricot Ale Beer Jelly
  • Black India Pale Ale Beer Jelly
  • Gluten Free Beer Jelly
  • Hard Apple Cider Jelly
  • Heady Jelly (made from the Alchemist Brewery’s Heady Topper, a double IPA)
  • Hefeweizen with Orange Beer Jelly
  • India Pale Ale Beer Jelly
  • Oatmeal Stout Beer Jelly
  • Porter Beer Jelly
  • Pumpkin Ale Beer Jelly (seasonal but currently in stock)
    Most jars are $ 8 for eight ounces. You can also buy 3-packs, 6-packs and 12-packs.

    In fact, with Mother’s Day and Father’s Day coming up, we recommend it!

    And plan ahead for the holidays, for your beer-loving friends.

    Head to PotlickerKitchen.com.

    Follow the blog for great recipes.


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