Salicylic acid is one of the main ingredients found in most teenage acne treatment plans. This particular ingredient is great for treating acne, and yet, it can also cause you problems. It’s important that you use teenage acne treatments carefully and make sure you know how much salicylic acid is in your treatment plan.

One of the main ingredients in teen acne medication is salicylic acid, and while it does well, it can also dry your skin out. This can cause you several different problems not only is your skin known to dry out, but it may also may be producing more oil, causing more blemishes.

So when you use acne medication, check the potency of salicylic acid. If it’s extra high, make sure that you’re using it only on those spots on your face that are really causing you problems. Then use something with less salicylic acid in it for the rest of your face.

This means using an extra gentle cleanser before you apply any medication. In other words, all of this washing can actually dry your skin out causing more problems. Find the gentlest cleanser you can find then use it carefully, and make sure that you keep your hair out of your face, and your fingers off your skin. In other words, don’t pick your blemishes.

Once you have gone through a gentle cleansing, then it’s time for your salicylic acid medication. After you use your medication, you may find that some acne treatments recommend another treatment. Make sure you follow through, often this is to allow the salicylic acid to do its job, and still neutralize it later.

It’s very normal as you go through hormonal changes for you to have to deal with acne. There’s a good chance that it’s also genetic so if you have family members that have dealt with bad acne, there’s a good chance you are too. This means extra careful attention to detail with your skin. Remember, you can’t do much about your genetics but using the proper acne treatment can help.

Remember, salicylic acid is great to treat teenage acne, but it can be over used causing various patches of dry flaky skin on your face. This is not going to help your skin reduce your acne. You need a basic pH balance on your skin, so use a complete acne treatment, and watch out for those products with a lot of salicylic acid.

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