When your child is still baby, a simple cry or wail would signal he needed something. When he grows old and started to walk, it’s even more difficult because you have to watch his every step to avoid a stumble. And when time comes that he can utter words and communicate enough to let you know what he wants, other behavior would appear that will caught you off guard. So, what does a two-year old child really wishes to say when he display outburst especially in public and what should you do to reprimand him?


Mommy carry me”

Your two-year old child just really wanted to show his affection to you and he wants to know that you reciprocate his feelings. No matter how exhausted or tired you are, don’t neglect his request. Have you observed when you refuse and tell him you’re tired from work, he displays tantrums like throwing something or being noisy and too demanding of everything. And if you accepted his request and show your affection to your child like cuddling and kissing him when you arrive, afterwards he displays a good behavior. He’ll leave you to your own and he goes back to playing. It only means he seeks your attention and affection.


I love you mommy”

It’s a display of a child’s real affection to you. And it means he wants you to be near him all the time. When he does something, he wants to show it to you. He wants your appreciation and approval of everything he do or plays. These words emanated feeling of possessiveness of your child to you. He doesn’t want anyone sharing your attention to him even if it’s his dad. It’s a good nature of a child and a very normal one.


Mom are you in there?”

Even though you’re in the comfort room, your toddler seems to be looking for you everywhere. When you go to bath, he wants to take a bath also. When you cook in the kitchen he’ll find ways to join with you. When you’re in your room he demands you get out and watch TV with him. These are all evidence of how much your child seeks your time. When he finds an opportunity of you being present in the house, he will do everything to be with you. Even if he plays outside, he expects that when he arrives home you are there to greet him. So when you consider staying home especially during weekends, always focus your time with your kid. After all a child becomes a child only once.


I want mommy to dress me”

He wanted to take revenge of you not doing your task as a mother. Although revenge is a very mature attitude, a child creates his own wise moves also. When you’re a working mom, you often delegate the small task of dressing and feeding your toddler to his nanny. Although a child may get used to this routine, he knows that you should be doing it to him. So try giving in to his demands. It doesn’t take that much time from you and it does not mean you have to often do this. Just show to your toddler that you are his mom and just delegating the rest of the task to his nanny because you’ve got work to do for his future.


It’s difficult being a mother. You become ingenious at understanding the sentence of your child when talking to you. And you become his interpreter to people he communicates but does not understand him. An actor to portray a role he wants you to do. A politician to make promises to end the tantrums but eventually forget what has been said. Or a doctor to heal his minor wounds and scrapes, and a teacher also to teach him some basic education. Yes it’s difficult being a mother, but it’s a rewarding task than any career.



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