Losing the pounds can be very easy if you eat the right junk foods. Sounds crazy, but it happened to me. Not being able to lose the weight, when you are really trying, is more frustrating than staying fat. Eating the”wrong foods” can have it’s rewards.

Learn how to use junk food to help you lose weight. Here is how:

Give yourself a test day. I call it my junk food day. Eat whatever you like on this day and record what you eat. Read the labels and combine the total weight of all the food you eat for one day. Always do this on the same day of the week.
Reward yourself with all you want, chocolate, fast foods, chips, fried foods…anything at all. The secret is to measure all that you eat.
By using the labels, measure the foods by weight and record this as well. Are you eating 12 ounces of food or 3 pounds of food in that day? This weigh in is crucial to help you lose weight.

Here is why you need to do this:

Junk food is hard to digest. It might take days to eliminate from your system.
You will  seem to gain weight in the first couple of days. If your “special” day is Tuesday, the most weight gain will be seen Wednesday night. Weigh yourself Tuesday morning as you begin, before you eat or drink anything. Weigh yourself Tuesday evening as you go to bed and again Wednesday evening before bed. Keep all your results.
All the food you eat after your day will be accumulated over and above your junk.
Your added weight is simply the weight of the junk food combined with the other food products you eat the next day.
Your body thinks you need to store this food but, since most has no nutritional value, it will not. This is the key to eating junk food and losing weight at the same time. Remember, only one day is allowed and make it the same day every week.

Keep notes of your weight as your start to gradually lose. Keeping this special day will keep you sane as well as becoming your reward day. The junk foods you eat have no nutritional value. You are not eating them because they do, you are eating them because they taste great.

I lost one pound a week for 48 weeks doing exactly this. After 48 weeks I thought eating this stuff was unnecessary and I stopped losing weight. Wonder why!

Having this ” special” day will change your life.

Happy eating. Food for thought.

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