This is going to sound obvious, but the best foods to lose weight are those that are healthy and natural. Simple advice that goes a long way as far as health and getting rid of extra baggage around the waist.

There are many foods that people commonly eat that are not healthy especially when dieting. One such food is bleached flower or enriched wheat. This can be found in most white breads, pastas, etc. Another example is white rice, and fruits in syrup. These foods are cheaper than the more expensive choices. And they usually taste better. That’s because they have more sugar, fat, and preservatives and artificial ingredients to make it taste that way. Not healthy.

Let’s discuss carbohydrates. You do need them in a healthy diet, even if you don’t eat many of them. The healthiest carbohydrates to eat are whole grains and whole oat products, legumes, beans, fruits, vegetables, and other products that are made from the natural product. Potatoes and sweet potatoes are an example. They’re healthy and filled with fiber and nutrition.

These are complex carbohydrates and are great for weight loss and overall healthy.

Fat is also something you need in your diet. Healthy fats are known promote heart health and can even aid in weight loss and speeding up the metabolism. You can find these kinds of fats in nuts (especially walnuts and flax seeds), olives, avocados, cottage cheese, etc. Unlike other types of fats, these fats are healthy and really good for you.

Notice that all the foods I’m listing are very natural and not altered at all. Basically they’re plucked from their plant and ready to eat. This is the way we should eat. When we eat processed foods that were prepared in a factory we gain weight and get health conditions and diseases.

The more natural foods you can access the better. Don’t worry about organic foods and things like that yet. Right now you need to just focus on getting more healthy natural foods and getting rid of unhealthy foods.

Knowing what to eat isn’t as important as knowing what NOT to eat. Stay away from processed foods. In general, if it’s packaged it’s suspect for inspection.

Here’s an example.

Tuna is a great lean protein with omega 3 healthy fats! Great food choice for those trying to lose weight. Now let’s look at tuna except canned. Still really healthy but somewhat processed to be in a can. The result? Much more sodium content and a product that is less fresh and probably lacking in all the nutrients the fresh variety would have. And this is one of the best ways of preserving foods without making it unhealthy.

Take a look at most other types of foods. Chips? That’s heavily processed foods. A good way to think of processed foods is to look at the food your buying and ask, “how did they make this?” After asking that, think of the various processes. Now translate that to a factory and the most cheap ingredients to make it. They often use genetically modified fruits and vegetables, chemical preservatives to ensure it lasts long on the shelf, lots of salt, artificial coloring, and artificial flavors because they’re trying to make a profit and buying the real flavor is too expensive. Not a healthy choice even if you aren’t trying to lose weight.

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