There are a lot of flirting tips for guys you can follow but you have to know one basic thing before anything else — flirting with girls is pretty easy and fun, so always make it a point to have a good time when you do. Getting a girl to notice you is one thing but flirting makes things more exciting and thrilling — be up for anything and see how far go can go. Below are some tips on how to flirt with girls — and make her flirt right back at you:

Always look interested and interesting. When you feel and look good, you become more attractive and interesting. Try a little optimism in your life — it never hurt anyone. Know how to stand out so girls will begin to notice you more. Make use of body language flirting signals and read her body language as well. Actions are always louder (and more fun!) than words.
Be happy, relaxed and confident. The more you look calm and in control, the more girls will get attracted to you like a magnet. No one wants to hang out with Mr. Grumpy. They want a laid-back cool dude who is open and up for anything. Be sociable and friendly — minus the stress. Learn how to have a great time.
Have a great sense of humor. Making the girls laugh will make you an instant star of the night — and a hot target for the ladies. Being smart and funny has a lot perks. So start impressing her with your killer wit and sense of humor and score dates like never before.

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