[1] Ahi Tuna Napoleon. Here’s the recipe (all photos courtesy Tommy Bahama). [2] Pork Burger With Pineapple Chutney & Bacon, a double-pork treat. Here’s the recipe. [3] Seared Scallop Sliders, a nice pairing with white wine. Here’s the recipe. [4] Surf and turf: Lobster Roll BLT. Here’s the recipe. [5] Banana Cream Pie, in a […]

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Numbers of humans are gradually accretions who are ample or adverse astringent problems apropos their weight. Humans are consistently bottleneck at the arcade malls to buy a weight reducer apparatus or enrolling for some abbreviate appellation courses to abate the antithesis weight. But the accustomed fat afire action begins at home; humans accept to overview […]

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Green pancakes with optional Lucky Charms (photo courtesy I Heart Naptime). The marshmallows have been plucked from the cereal. Lucky Charms cereal (photo courtesy General Mills).   From Jamielyn of I Heart Naptime, Saint Patrick’s breakfast includes green pancakes with Lucky Charms, green milk (use food color) and rainbow fruit parfaits. She says, “Every once […]

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Are you wondering what is the best way for helping your lonely teenage daughter? I had a daughter who was a real introvert and hardly ever left her room. by applying the principles in this article she slowly made progress and is not much more outgoing, you would not think she was the same girl. […]

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Get a shamrock cookie cutter to make fun foods for St. Patrick’s Day. You can buy a set of 4-inch and 2.6-inch cutters for less than $ 8.00. What to cut? We like the large cutter for: Avocado garnish Breakfast pancakes and toast Lunch burgers/cheeseburgers Grilled cheese and other sandwiches Dinner proteins Loaf cakes Cookies […]

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Are you surprised to hear that  you can both lose weight and eat your favourite foods? But truly, Every Other Day Diet brings you this , and this is really the first diet designed applying a lifestyle approach. More amazingly, even you have a thyroid condition, food addition, and genetic problems, it still works to […]

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[1] Today’s recipe: Shepherd’s Pie X Baked Potatoes (photo courtesy Idaho Potato Commission). The American version of Shepherd’s Pie adds vegetables (photo courtesy Foster’s Market Cookbook). [3] Shepherd’s Pie with sweet potato mashed potatoes, at Centerville Pie Company. You can also use a polenta top crust. [4] Fancy Shepherd’s Pie, showing that even a humble […]

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