Homemade chocolate recipes provide the chocolate lovers not only with a vast variety of choices for delicious, mouthwatering dessert but also with flexibility to substitute some of the ingredients so they will have an enjoyable eating experience while having a healthy dessert.

Chocolate… healthy?

It’s not a secret that chocolate eating is associated with a feeling of guilt – guilt of blowing out weight loss diet or eating unhealthy food.

Well, I have good news. The main ingredient of pure (dark) chocolate, cocoa, actually contains lots of vitamins and minerals.

I don’t think I need to convince anybody to eat chocolate but in case you think it is unhealthy addition to your diet here are some details:

– Among other vitamins and minerals cocoa contains B group vitamins, vitamin E and magnesium. Just do a quick search on the Internet to see the major benefits of these nutrients.

– A research in the United States showed that cocoa contains more anti-oxidants than green tea and red wine!

– Cocoa contains L-Tryptophan that improves the mood and hence can help combat cravings for unhealthy food.

– Cocoa butter is widely used as a cosmetics base in natural and “not-so-natural’ cosmetics industries because of nourishment it provides for the skin.

In order to see the weight loss benefits of chocolate you need to eat a small piece of dark chocolate daily, no more than 200 g per week.

Unfortunately many ready-made chocolate products are very low on cocoa so they actually do not provide any of the benefits mentioned above. They also contain lots of sugar and need to be avoided if you care about your health and healthy weight.

You need to choose chocolate products that contain over 65% of cocoa in order to see the health benefits of cocoa.

Why to make your own chocolate desserts at home?

1) As I already mentioned, homemade chocolate recipes provide you with flexibility to choose your own ingredients and replace some of “not so healthy” ones with healthier alternatives.
Here is a list of ingredients for one recipe, for example:

Chocolate Ice-Cream

2 ½ quarts of cream
1 ½ pint of milk
1 quart thin cream,
2 cupfuls of sugar,
2 ounces of plain chocolate bar,
2 eggs,
2 heaping tablespoonfuls of flour

To make this dessert healthier use dark chocolate, for example, substitute some of the cream with milk, reduce sugar and add vanilla to improve taste. I never tried it with whole wheat flour but this might work too! Imagine the title “Whole-wheat ice-cream for weight loss and health”!

2) You can make your favorite dessert without any preservatives, colorings or other artificial elements added.

3) You can use your creativity and make exquisite desserts for the entire family that will bring your whole family together to enjoy food prepared with love and care.

4) Making chocolate desserts at home will also fill your house with homey, “cozy” aroma that will make the place you live a real Home.

Homemade Chocolate Recipes page provides lots of information on chocolate including recipes. If you are a real chocolate lover visit http://www.homemadechocolaterecipes.com for over 100 delicious, mouthwatering recipes.

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