If you are a skinny person you know that building muscle for skinny guys is a tough proposition. Your body type is an “ectomorph”, meaning that you are built naturally to metabolize faster. That means that all nutrients that you consume are absorbed and utilized by the body faster and hence building muscle becomes a tough job as there is precious little left for repairing muscles. When you want to go in for Bodybuilding you will find loads of options available including diet plans, exercise methods and tons of supplements. But somehow, none of these warn you against taking the wrong steps while you build muscle. Maybe it hurts their positive image in the market. However, since gaining muscle mass for skinny people is not easy, you must avoid mistaken ventures when you try to gain more muscle.

In order to be able to build muscle quickly, you must first analyze your body type and learn about its advantages and deficiencies. Being an ectomorph, you have the fabulous advantage of being able to stay skinny in spite of eating a lot. However this makes bodybuilding difficult since you are always deficient in proteins and calories because of a blazing fast metabolism. Subsequently, if you fall prey to workout practices not suited to your body type, you will find the “Hardgainer” tag ringing very true. Hence look out for the practices given below.

You should NOT do these things!

Working out too much – It never helps. Your muscles need rest in order to repair themselves and grow, so if you hit the gym every day you are doing yourself harm. Try to keep your workout schedules between 2 to 3 times a week
Do not do too many reps – More repetitions do not necessarily mean a better body faster. Especially for an ectomorph, it is of little help. Instead, you could try increasing you weights slowly. That will help you gain Muscle mass faster and take you closer to your dream.
Working out longer – While it may feel satisfying, long drawn workout schedules generally lower the intensity of your workout. Hence, for Bodybuilding, if you are skinny, you must concentrate on short but intense workout sessions
Trusting supplements – While supplements definitely have their place on a muscle builder’s checklist, for skinny people, an ample and balanced diet is far more effective. You should eat well and consume substantial quantities of proteins and carbs. This will help you to gain muscle a lot faster. This is an important mantra when building muscle For skinny guys

For a much greater list of things to NOT DO at the gym written by a former skinny guy who overcame his skinny genetics and became a champion body builder in just months of training click below to get a FREE downloadable guide to the top 20 screw ups you can do in the gym!

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