It has always seemed difficult to grow muscle on thin guys and girls who have hunkered for a toned muscular bodied look. But while many skinny types have already tried and given up on growing muscle quickly, they should know that people with larger builds have a very slow metabolism rate and they are better equipped to grow muscles because of it. Skinny muscle building requires understanding of some important information about your body type.

Metabolism – People who are very thin have a very high metabolism. This high rate of metabolism actually makes the thin guy stays so lean. This metabolism does not let much fat build up in the body and thus the person stays thin. The metabolism rate consumes food calories and does not let the muscles to have enough nutrients and energy to repair and grow also just like the cat cells.
Enough rest – Thin people sometimes think that more exercise will grow muscle on them. You actually need to take enough rest so that your muscle can grow properly though and If you overwork yourself you do not give your bodey the chance to use the calories you intake to repair muscles as only during rest do muscles actually get bigger as they get repaired.
Food – It does not require a lot of food for skinny guys building muscle. It depends mostly on the kind of food you are taking in and the intervals that you are maintaining between food intakes. Apart from this, you will require a good amount of rest to the keep the muscles you already have. Over exertion may spoil your effort. Given in the list below are the ways to grow muscles on thin body types.
Intake of more food – If you have an ectomorph body type you will definitely need to take in a lot of food in order to grow muscles properly. It would not be a wise idea to have a large amount of food at one go. But eating food at regular interval will serve the purpose.
Intake of protein – Proteins are available in nuts, beans, rice and soy. Protein is vitally essential for the thin body for muscles growth. It helps to grow up the muscle mass considerably. Since you have a high metabolism rate you will require greater intake of protein diet. Cheese is a good source of protein for thin people.
Intake of Carbohydrates – Diet that includes a lot of carbohydrate is important for the thin body to grow muscle. Along with your workout sessions you will require a good amount of carbohydrate to gain muscle. Rice and wheat is a good source of carbohydrate that can be taken to grow muscle on thin body.
Balancing – A balanced diet of protein and carbohydrate will help you for skinny muscle building. A proper mixing of these two nutrients is essential. It is important to space the two essential nutrients in a balanced way throughout the day. An over intake of any one nutrient would not do any good for the development of muscles.

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