Are you aware of what diet works the best? If not then today I’ll give you a run down with the real truth on low calorie diets and what you are in fact doing when you go on them. I will also describe a relatively new diet which is entirely original from every other diet you can do as you’ll see. Best of all this diet can yield fast results which stick around!
Are Low Calorie Diets Worth Doing?
In short, no and here’s why. When you go on a low calorie diet you are essentially starving your body of much needed calories. You see the problem with weight loss isn’t eating too many calories but eating too many of the really bad ones. The only sustainable low calorie diet in my opinion that is OK to go on is a raw food diet or juice fast which is by far the healthiest of diets to follow, although it can be quite challenging.  
With most diets that focus on less calories are simply starving your body to lose the weight, does this sound healthy to you? What you may not realize is your body has turned on a switch because of this, the same switch that would go off if you were starving for food. Of course the instant you are again able to eat your body will immediately attempt to store up as many calories as possible. This is the reason why so many people experience a rebound effect on low calorie diets.
So What’s the Best Diet Option?
It’s known as calorie shifting and although it may sound similar to low calorie dieting I assure you it’s much different. For starters calorie shifting focuses not upon starvation as a weight loss method but on boosting your metabolism naturally through eating food! You will never go hungry on the calorie shifting diet and the entire time your metabolism is becoming more and more active due to the nature of how the diet works which is by changing your calorie consumption every day. With calorie shifting you finally have the ability to eat & burn fat without any exercise or diet pills!

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