Pata Negra Cava Rose
[1] Sparkling rosé for Mother’s Day, Pata Negra also has a beautiful bottle (photo courtesy Pata Negra).

Shades Of Rose Wine
[2] The different shades of rosé wines depend on the types of grapes and length of skin contact (photo courtesy JotDot).

Different Rose Wine Colors
[3] Ditto! (photo courtesy Good Eggs).

Riedel Rose Glass
[4] Riedel’s new Fatto A Mano pink-stemmed rosé glass (photo courtesy Riedel).


For Mother’s Day, add some pink rosé wine to those pink roses.

The wine has been growing and growing in popularity, replacing that “glass of white wine” in the hearts and hands of people who used to always sip on chardonnay or pinot grigio.

In fact, rosé outsells white wine in France!

Some sources claim that rosé may be the oldest known type of wine, dating to around 600 B.C.E. The theory is that it has the most straightforward wine-making technique, leaving the crushed skins of red grapes in contact with the white juice for a short period.

(WINE TRIVIA: Rosé wines are made from red grapes. The darker color of red wines comes from a longer period of skin contact with the pressed juice.)

Rosé can be made from just about any red grape, and there are many styles of rose: drier, sweeter, lighter, fuller, pale in color, deep in color, still, sparkling.

And, there are many shades of rosé, based on the grapes used, the length of skin contact and other winemaking factors. Take a look at photos #2 and #3.

Here’s more about rosé, including food pairings.

1. Have A Rosé Tasting

If Mom is a rosé fangirl, pick up different brands and styles from a wine store (the staff will gladly assist) and have a tasting. Participants will learn more about the different styles of rose wines, and their preferences.
2. Give A Sparkling Rosé Wine

Some rosé drinkers aren’t even aware that there are sparkling rosés: in champagne, cava, prosecco and other types of sparkling wine.

In terms of looks, there’s no lovelier bottle for gifting than Pata Negra Brut Rosé Cava (photo #1). The label design was inspired by the gates of Gaudi’s Casa Milà in Barcelona.

Pata Negra Brut Rosé Cava is a sparkling rosé from Penedes, Spain. Made from top grapes in the traditional method, it gets high scores from wine rating magazines and websites. And at $ 14.99, it’s very affordable.

The grapes are 80% trepat, a local grape, and 20% pinot noir. The blend yields aromas of red berries and pomegranate. One reviewer wrote: “Very fine elegant bubbles tickle the palate offering fruity flavors of strawberry and raspberry with a long elegant finish.”

Another reviewer pairs it with a particular pink food, ham; although rosé is so versatile it pairs with everything from chicken to Asian food (see the chart below).

For casual sipping, serve it with nuts, cheeses and strawberries.
3. Give A Bottle With Rosé Stemware

Riedel, world-renowned for engineering glassware that shows off the qualities of particular types of wine, has added a rosé glass to its collection.

Riedel is adding a pink-stemmed rosé glass to its popular Fatto a Mano (made by hand)series.

It’s a luxury gift: $ 100/glass, $ 540/set of six, available on Amazon and at

Alternatively, Riedel’s excellent Extreme Rose Champagne/Rose Wine glasses are just $ 45.00 a pair.

As with all Riedel glasses, they are perfectly engineered to reveal the bouquet and flavor of a particular grape varietal; in this case, rosé still and sparkling wines.

By the way: We always tell naysayers to pour a glass of wine into a regular wine glass and into the specific Riedel wine glass. You’ll smell and taste the difference.


Styles Of Rose Wine
Chart courtesy Bottles Fine Wine.


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