Holiday parties, dinners and festivities have begun! This is a time when food and drink are associated with almost all events, and a time when many people’s waistlines start to expand. There are tips to follow to keep weight in check this holiday season and the rest of the year, and it includes eating more calories than many may realize. States Dr. Bright McConnell, III of Fitmed Partners, “We treat several patients who actually don’t consume as many calories on a daily basis as they need to. As a result, they are starving themselves, exercising regularly and not losing a pound. A body needs calories for brain function and heart function among many other things.

Tips on How to Eat to Lose Weight:
1 .Eat Often–Dr. McConnell advises to eat at least 5 small meals a day.
2. Eat Early– The largest meal of the day should be breakfast and the smallest should be supper. “It is the exact opposite of what most people actually do. If you eat a large meal at breakfast, your body has all day to digest and metabolize the meal.”
3. Eat Green– Reaching a certain amount of calories does not mean filling up on Christmas cookies and treats. Says Dr. McConnell, “Vegetables should make up at least two-thirds of a meal. You can’t fill the possible calorie void with the wrong kinds of food.”
4. Eat Enough–There are many people that do not consume enough calories a day. “There are tests, like the RMR resting metabolic test, that can determine how many calories a person needs to consume daily to actually lose weight. If not getting enough calories, the body hangs on to fat because it is in starvation mode,” says Dr. McConnell.
Dr. McConnell says there is one simple way to determine if a person not eating enough calories a day: Craving Sweets. He states, “Craving sweets in the nighttime is a tell tale sign that a person’s body is desperate because they are not fueling themselves properly during the day.” For more information about eating to lose weight,log onto to
Our founding physician, Bright McConnell, III, MD, a board certified orthopedic surgeon certified in age management medicine with subspecialty expertise in sports medicine and human performance, leads a team of professionals with credentials in nutrition, weight and age management, and exercise performance.

Using the best clinical evidence and the latest medical research, our registered dietitians and exercise physiologists will provide you with expert advice and personalized diet and exercise prescriptions, all designed to increase your energy, metabolism, longevity, and health. We’ll work with you to achieve every step on your path toward your optimal weight and fitness level… and your best life.

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