Weight loss is really simple, all you need to do is burn more calories then you consume. But putting this theory into practice is the hard part and all the information and disinformation about weight loss that is in the internet, magazines, TV and such, makes it even more difficult. On top of that most […]

[1] Pernod created what is now called Pernod Classic in 1915, when a component its absinthe liqueur, wormwood, was declared illegal. See the history of absinthe (photo courtesy Liquor.com). [2] Pernod is a delicious addition to seafood dishes like this bouillabaisse, as well as cream sauces with seafood (photo courtesy Pernod Ricard). [3] Use Pernod […]

Diet Tips

The Leptin diet is a meal plan in which the person focuses on balancing Leptin (a fat hormone) in his body. The Leptin hormone is responsible for controlling the metabolic function and appetite in human body. When a person follows a Leptin Diet, he makes changes in his eating habits and increases the level of […]

Diet Foods

Why is it that any time you hear the words “calorie counting” or “food journaling”, people start running for the hills? If creating menus, counting calories and keeping a food journal are research-proven, effective tools for nutrition awareness, education, motivation and accountability (they are), then why is there so much resistance to it? One reason […]

Diets To Lose Weight

Getting fit and losing weight requires hard work and exercise. When you begin any weight loss program that involves exercise, you will find that there are plenty of promises, warnings, and pieces of advice, but much of these are untrue. Here are five of the most common exercise myths. 1. Pain Leads to Gain This […]

If you are diabetic selecting the correct foods can seem to be a challenge on occasions, however with a proper meal plan and some practice this will become second nature to you. Your meal plan is your guide to healthy eating. A registered dietician or your diabetic health worker/nurse should be able to assist you […]

Diets To Lose Weight

The Orovo Detox is another of diet pills for women and it burns fats by attacking the toxins that are known to aid weight gain. It also increases on the metabolism allowing a woman to burn more fat and thus loose weight. It has no known side effects and this makes it a favorite among […]