Looking for Mother’s Day gifts? Want to get the jump on Father’s Day? Want to treat yourself?

Here are two kitchen items that got our attention—and given how many products we see each year, that’s hard to do!

For lovers of cold brew coffee, this beauty from Asobu very efficient.

It brews your coffee into an insulated thermos, so you can keep cold brewed coffee with you all day, anywhere. Or, you can pour a cup and give it a quick zap in the microwave.

Just add coarse coffee grounds and cold water to the mesh cone and let it slowly drip. The resulting coffee is what you’ve come to expect from cold brew. Remove the top portion, add the leak-proof lid, and you’re ready to go—or stay.

The brewing carafe top is clear Tritan, an extremely durable BPA-free plastic that is used in the finest water bottles and food containers.

There are four color choices:

  • Black/Black
  • Copper/Black
  • Silver/Black
  • White/White
    The brewer is $ 50.00. You can buy it online at AsobuBottle.com.

    What will you sparkle next? asks the box of the Drinkmate Spritzer.

    Unlike devices that carbonate water only, Drinkmate lets you carbonate anything, anywhere.

    It’s a fun device for lovers of sparkling beverages.

    The easily-portable system consists of a DrinkMate Spritzer gun, a BPA-free half-liter reusable carbonating bottle and two CO2 carbonator cylinders (for a total of 32 bottles of sparkling beverages).

    Easy to operate, easy to clean, no electricity or batteries are used.

    What can you carbonate? Any liquid. Water, of course, but also unleash your creative mixologist with:

  • Cocktails
  • Juice
  • Soda
  • Tea
  • Wine
    You can also re-carbonate sparkling wine or beer that has gone flat.

    The kit is $ 90 at Home Depot and other e-tailers/retailers, in black, red or silver.


    Asobo Cold Brewer
    [1] Asobu Coldbrew, in four elegant colors (photo courtesy Kettle And Cord).

    Drinkmate Spritzer
    [2] Drinkmate Spritzer turns almost any liquid into a carbonated beverage (photos #2 and #3 courtesy Drinkmate).

    Drinkmate Spritzer
    [3] The Drinkmate kit.



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