Simple Mills Soft Baked Chocolate Chip Cookies
[1] Tender and irresistible cookies from the box.

Simple Mills Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix
[2] A mix to bake your own (both photos courtesy Simple Mills).


In celebration of National Chocolate Chip Day, May 15th, I ventured where I would not normally go: to the land of soft-baked chocolate chip cookies.

Simple Mills sent me their vegan, gluten-free and paleo-friendly Soft Baked Chocolate Chip Cookies (photo #1) and their Chocolate Chip Cookie Almond Flour Mix (photo #2), along with the promise of something revolutionary.

The use of almond flour in both products piqued my interest. I ate the ready-made cookies from the box, and I baked a batch from the other.

Both products are Certified Gluten-Free and Non GMO Project Verified.
Simple Mills Soft Baked Chocolate Chip Cookies

That first tender bite, still firm enough and not over-chipped, got my attention. But the cookie simply disappeared before I had a chance to process all of its various gifts.

So I reached for another, and another…and it pretty much went on like this until the box was half gone.

My first impression was the yielding softness of the cookie, followed soon after by an appreciation of the its almost amaretti-like airiness: a moist delicacy balanced by hearty almond undertones.

But this is not an esoteric cookie experience. It’s a cookie that will appeal to young and old; accessible enough for the Cookie Monster in all of us, but dimensional and subtle enough for a foodie.

As it wins your heart with its tenderness, its flavor and slightly lower sugar content will appeal to your reason. The Soft Baked cookies contain 6 grams of sugar per 2-inch-diameter cookie. That’s 25% less sugar than in natural cookie counterparts
Simple Mills Chocolate Chip Cookie Almond Flour Mix

Want to bake? The Cookie Mix, with a very quick assembly and bake time, resulted in a slightly crunchier outer rim and a softer middle.

The advantage of the mix is its ability to customize crunchy-to-soft ratios and include enhancements. I made half of my mixture chips-only and tossed a handful of chopped pecans into the rest. Future plans include ground coffee and dried apricot add-ins.

The cookie mix’s delicious and soul-satisfying flavor is enhanced by a slightly higher 8 grams of sugar per single cookie serving. While I appreciate Simple Mills’ sugar-consciousness per cookie, I do think that limiting yourself to just one cookie will be a worthy challenge.

Simple Mills cookie products (which are also soy-free and dairy-free) are available via the Simple Mills website as well as at stores nationwide (store locator).
—by Georgi Page-Smithr


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