Edible Arrangements Donuts
[1] These delectable “donuts” will fool everyone, until the first bite (photos courtesy Edible Arrangements).

Edible Arrangements Apple Donuts
[2] The handsome packaging requires no gift wrap—not even a bow!

Edible Arrangements Donuts
[3] You can buy boxes of 6, 12, or 1. But who can eat just one?


When Edible Arrangements offered a sample of their new donuts, we thought they were going to be…donuts.

Instead, they turned out to be something even better (and we say this as a donut lover) and less guilty:

Thick slices of fresh-cut Granny Smith apple coated in top-quality semisweet chocolate that look like donuts.

They can fool you, as they fooled us—until the first crunchy bite. What did we expect from a company known for its beautiful arrangements?

They were launched on National Donut Day (June 1st) and are a new part of Edible’s collections.

We urge you to get some!

The donuts are hand dipped and hand decorated, with:

  • Different colored glazes (which are colored white chocolate).
  • Different toppings: sprinkles, coconut and caramelized hazelnut crunch.
  • You can order them online or head to your nearest Edible Arrangements store (store locator).

    They are sold nicely boxed:

  • One dozen donuts are $ 29.00
  • Half dozen are $ 19.00
  • Three single donuts in individual boxes are $ 12 (in-store pick-up only)
    They are:

  • A unique party snack.
  • A playful host/hostess gift.
  • A dessert for special occasions or any day.
  • A treat for your work buds.
  • A treat for yourself.
    For Father’s Day, there’s an option that includes blue plaid-decorated donuts and mustache-shaped pieces of chocolate.

    One note: Because they contain fresh-cut apples, plan to eat the donuts within a day of purchase.

    Placing them in the fridge will give you an extra day or two.

    The final word: Irresistible. Head to the website to order yours!

    Or find your nearest store.



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