Iced Tea With Fruit
[1] It’s not sangria: It’s iced tea! (Photo courtesy Melissa’s.)

Iced Tea With Fruit
[2] Iced tea for dessert? (Photo courtesy The Maple Guild.)


It’s a scorching day today, so we’re alternating glasses of ice water with glasses of iced tea.

If you brew your own tea, you can give iced tea the “sangria treatment” by adding fresh fruit to the pitcher (photo #1).

It can be black, green, herbal or white tea.

You can add any fruits; just be sure they’ll fit in the glass when you pour the tea. A large orange slice might not, for example, but you can cut it in half.

Here are popular fruits; three varieties (more if you like) is a good mix.

  • Apple slices
  • Berries
  • Citrus slices: lemon, lime, orange
  • Fresh cherries, pitted*
  • Fresh mint sprigs
  • Lychees
  • Stone fruit slices: apricots, nectarines, peaches, plums
  • Tropical fruits: mango, papaya, pineapple
    The key to fresh fruit flavor is to infuse the fruits in the tea for several hours, preferably overnight.

    You can make the tea up to two days in advance.

    1. BREW the tea (here’s how to brew iced tea).

    If you sweeten your tea, now is the time to add the sweetener. But the fruits add sweetness, so use less sweetener. We don’t use any, but provide different sweeteners for individual tastes: agave, honey, maple syrup, superfine sugar or simple syrup.

    2. STRAIN the tea into a serving pitcher. While the tea is steeping…

    3. CUT the fruits. How much fruit do you need? We use 1/8 cup fruit per cup of tea. But you can turn the infusion into an infused fruit salad by packing a glass or Mason jar with fruit (photo #2), and using the tea as the “fruit juice.”

    4. ADD the fruits to the pitcher while the tea is still warm, for the best infusion. Refrigerate, covered, overnight or until you’re ready to serve.

    Consider making iced tea ice cubes for serving: They keep the tea extra-cold without diluting it.

    5. SERVE: Add ice to the glass. Scoop in some fruit. Add the iced tea. Serve with straws or iced tea spoons for eating the fruit.

    To make a non-alcoholic sangria, top off the glass with ginger ale.

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    *The fruit needs a cut surface so the flavor will infuse.


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