A courtship produced this line of delightful cream liqueurs based on premium Caribbean rum with added dessert flavors.

Bom Bom Brands was founded by a husband and wife team, Kevin Mowers and Eva Maria Janerus.

While dating, Mowers, a drink designer, constructed a cocktail based on her favorite sweet treat, a Mounds bar. It was so good, they went commercial, calling it “Bom Bom,” Spanish slang for “my sweetie” [source].

The cream liqueurs are among the best dessert-flavored shots you can ask for.

While the website has recipes aplenty for cold and frozen drinks (and warm drinks for the winter), a simple shot from the bottle is pure heaven: a drinkable dessert.

Heck: Pour it over ice cream, stir it into yogurt, freeze it in ice pop molds. Dip cookies into it instead of a glass of milk.

Once you get your hands on a bottle, your imagination will explode.

The flavors include:

  • Coco Mochanut, the original, a homage to Mounds candy bars: rum and cream plus chocolate, coconut and coffee flavors.
  • Fully Baked, a flavor cross between a brownie and a chocolate chip cookie, made with hemp milk (vegan).
  • Nilli Vanilli, honoring vanilla wafer cookies, slightly scented with cinnamon, creamy with almond milk (vegan).
    The line has 14.2% ABV*, or 28.4 proof. It is all natural, gluten-free, and two of the three flavors are dairy-free.

    The liqueurs are sweet, but not sugary; thick and creamy palate-pleasers. If you’re a fan of cream liqueurs, treat yourself! Give it as gifts!

    For more information, visit DrinkBomBom.com.


    Bom Bom Cream Liqueur
    [1] Drink your dessert: three delicious cream liqueurs (photo courtesy Bom Bom Brands).

    Empower Cosmopolitan
    [1] Cosmopolitan “lite”: Just 80 calories per serving, and gluten-free vodka (photo courtesy Empower Cocktails).


    Another entrepreneur, Tiffany Hall, has launched Empower Cosmopolitan Martini (photo #2).

    It’s made with gluten-free sweet potato vodka, plus the other Cosmo ingredients: triple sec liqueur, white cranberry juice and lime juice.

    Not just gluten free, it’s a ‘diet Cosmo”: 80 calories per 3 ounces, compared to 150+ for a standard Cosmo. It’s just 25 proof (12.% alcohol), compared to full-on vodka, which is 80 proof (40% alcohol).

    This makes the Empower Cosmo lighter and less flavor-intense than the standard recipe. Serve it chilled in a Martini glass with fresh lime, and save the calories. (It worked for the Skinnygirl Margarita, didn’t it?)

    Discover more at EmpowerCocktails.com, and send a bottle to Carrie Bradshaw.


    *ABV is the abbreviation for Alcohol By Volume, the percent of the bottled spirit that is alcohol (the rest is largely water). It is analogous to the % alcohol on a wine label.


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