The latest trend in premium yogurt brands is less sugar, appealing to people who seek high protein and low sugar food options.

For those consumers, “low sugar” doesn’t mean low-calorie sweeteners like monkfruit, stevia and Splenda. They want natural flavors.

Last month, one of our Top Picks Of The Week was YQ by Yoplait.

This week, our Top Pick is Chobani’s new line of Greek yogurts, called A Hint Of. (That’s a hint of sweetness.)

While consumers want fewer grams of sugar, “diet” yogurts, according to Chobani, are not the fastest-growing segment of the business. “We don’t think diet yogurt is the future,” says Peter McGuinness of Chobani.

Chobani is betting on lowering the cane sugar and using puréed fruit and fruit juice, not sugary preserves, to flavor their all-natural, blended A Hint Of line.

The difference between lower-sugar lines like A Hint Of and conventional lines like Chobani Blended isn’t huge: 9g versus 12 g of sugar and 120 versus 140 calories.

But producers are betting that label-perusing consumers will see the difference and choose the better option.

A Hint Of currently offers seven flavors:

  • Alphonse Mango
  • Clingstone Peach
  • Gili Cherry
  • Madagascar Vanilla & Cinnamon
  • Monterey Strawberry
  • Wild Blueberry
  • Willamette Raspberry
    The textures are very creamy, and the flavors are subtly sweet. They may taste insufficiently sweet to those who are used to high-sugar yogurts, but, as with 1% milk versus whole milk, your palate soon adjusts.

    And, after tasting all the varieties, we give a slight edge to Chobani over YQ. The flavors are more vivid.


    If you use Splenda, add a half packet to amp up the flavor.

    If you add fresh fruit, you won’t even notice the lower sugar.


    Chobani A Hint Of Blueberry

    Chobani A Hint Of Cherry

    Chobani A Hint Of Mango
    Cut down on sugar with seven flavors of Chobani’s A Hint Of (photos courtesy Chobani).


    Custard style, European style, French style, sundae style, Australian, skyr: Here’s how to identify the different types of yogurt.


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