Waffle Cone With Shrimp
[1] Shrimp, remoulade and crunchy red cabbage: our inspiration for today’s tip (photo courtesy Savannah Seafood Shack).

Waffle Cone Roller
[2] A waffle roller (at right) turns a round waffle into a cone. Here’s the technique from Celebrate-Creativity.

Homemade Waffle Cones
[3] The same sandwich cone maker creates ice cream cones (photo courtesy Chef’s Choice).


A few years ago, we were stuck indoors at a friend’s country home by a massive rainstorm.

Plans to go shopping for dinner ingredients were discarded, and we searched the cupboards for something to make.

We found waffle mix and peanut butter and jelly in the cabinets, and a refrigerator full of breakfast and lunch materials: bacon, eggs, cole slaw, ham, cheese, salad, cream cheese, smoked salmon.

We were inspired to make savory waffles, and later wrote an article about them.

But we didn’t think to roll the waffles into cones until we saw this photo from Savannah Seafood Shack (photo #1).

The inspiration: waffle sandwich cones.

1. DECIDE on your main filling: BLT, chicken (a touch of maple syrup makes “chicken and waffles”), Greek salad, ham and cheese, fish fillets, shrimp, taco fixings, etc. You can find other ideas online, including this shrimp and cheese grits cone.

For a breakfast sandwich, consider “the usual suspects:” scrambled eggs, bacon/Canadian bacon, cheese, avocado, tomato, etc.

2. PICK the supplementary ingredients: bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, onion, grits, mashed potatoes, stuffing, condiments, etc.

3. GET out your waffle maker or pizzelle maker. The waffle maker needs to be round to shape a pointed cone. If you don’t have a round waffle maker, see if you can borrow one.

You’ll also need a cone-rolling form (photo #2): a cone shape with a handle. You can purchase a wood version for about $ 10. The same mold makes homemade ice cream cones (photo #3) and pizzelles.

4. MAKE the batter. Leave the sugar out of the waffle recipe. You can add a pinch, but no more; you don’t want even a slightly-sweet waffle.

You can also flavor your batter with fresh herbs (basil, chives, cilantro, parsley), grated cheese and/or spices (cayenne, chili flakes, curry, poppy, etc.). Check out these cheddar-chive cones.

5. MAKE the waffles, cool slightly, stuff and enjoy. Use a fork, as needed.


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