This week’s picks are better-for-you snacks that have become part of our snacking repertoire. All will be welcomed by adults and kids alike.

Ceres fruit juices are among the best you can buy. So when they offered us samples of their new Smoothie To Go line, we jumped.

These fruit purées—which include small chunks of fruit for a nice texture—are packaged in squeeze pouches.

While they’re called smoothies, they contain no ingredients but pure fruit—no sugar added.

The 70-calorie packets contain two servings of fruit, and are available in:

  • Apple Berry
  • Mango
  • Tropical Fruit
    Toss them into your desk or locker, glove compartment, purse—they even fit in your coat pocket.

    They’re shelf-stable and there’s a bonus: no mess. You don’t even need a napkin.

    The line is certified USDA Organic and OU kosher. Discover more at

    Fairlife, known for its lactose-free milks, has taken its concept to lactose-free, gluten-free nutrition beverages. In case you’re wary of that term: They taste like shakes.

    Each 8-ounce serving has 15g of protein and 5g of fiber, and is structured to stop hunger between meals.

    Flavors include:

  • Creamy Strawberry
  • French Vanilla
  • Rich Chocolate
    We give them two hooves up.

    See the whole line at

    MaraNatha, one of America’s largest producers of almond and peanut butters, has introduced Light Roast and Dark Roast Creamy Almond Butters.

    Just as people have a preference in coffee roasts, almond butter lovers now have a choice of roast profiles:

  • Light Roast Almond Butter is subtly sweet.
  • Dark Roast Almond Butter has a deep, robust flavor.
    You may prefer one, the other, or both equally.

    For snacking on-the-go, MaraNatha also has new 1.15-ounce single serve packets in:

  • Classic Almond Butter
  • Caramel Almond Butter
  • Coconut Almond Butter
  • Dark Chocolate Almond Butter
  • No Sugar or Salt Added Almond Butter
  • Organic Peanut Butter
    Discover more at



    Ceres Smoothie To Go
    [1] Ceres Smoothie To Go offers three fruit purées in easy-to-tote squeeze pouches (photo courtesy Ceres Organic Juices).

    Fairlife Smart Snacks
    [2] Fairlife Smart Snacks are lactose-free, with 15g protein and 5g fiber (photo courtesy Fairife).

    MaraNatha Light Roast Almond Butter
    [3] MaraNatha’s newest almond butters are Light Roast and Dark Roast (photo courtesy MaraNatha Foods).



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