We love fresh basil. We always have a small pot of basil on our kitchen window ledge.

We’ve always wished we could have more fresh herbs—chives, dill and parsley, particularly. But we only have one accessible window with good light.

Recently, we acquired a system that doesn’t fit on the sill, but does look very nice as a “centerpiece” on our kitchen table (photo #1).

Enter AeroGarden home gardening system (photos #1 and #3). It helps you to grow fresh herbs, flowers or vegetables (think cherry tomatoes and chiles) in any room, no matter the amount of light. It has its own light source, emitting the ideal amount to grow your herbs.

No soil is used: The plants grow hydroponically in water. AeroGarden automatically tells you when to add more water. You can’t over- or under-water your plants.

The box includes a gourmet herb seed kit to get you started. The unit sets up in minutes, and the herbs sprout quickly.

Nine models range from small ($ 34.97) to extra-large ($ 599.96, taller than your sofa, designed for ferns and flowers). The larger models have Wi-Fi. A small kid-friendly unit enables young foodies to grow herbs in their rooms.

See a selection of the line in the large photo below.

See the whole line at AeroGarden.com.


AeroGarden Indoor Herb Garden
[1] One of AeroGarden’s indoor herb gardens. Also check out the models at the bottom of the page (photo courtesy AeroGarden).

Ball Herb Growing Kit
[2] A ball-jar-size option, the Ball Herb Growing Kit (photo courtesy Ball)

For a more introductory way to grow herbs, Ball Herb Growing Kit Single is a much simpler option.

It uses a soil-like growing medium, which is kept perfectly hydrated with a hydro wick that goes from the soil-and-seed basket above to the container of water below (photo #2). It eliminates the need to water the plant each day.

The kit includes everything you need to grow herbs, starting with basil seeds, for a very affordable $ 8.96.

Buy it online at Walmart.

One final item we’ve previously recommended: a combination fish bowl and herb garden!

AeroGarden Indoor Herb Garden
[3] Some of the nine AeroGarden home gardening systems (photo courtesy AeroGarden).

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