Flavored Chocolate Bars
[1] Dean’s chocolate bar trio: White & Dark Chocolate Layers With Crushed Coffee Beans, Milk Chocolate With Potato Chips, Dark Chocolate With Brandied Candied Orange Peel.

[2] At right: Little snow people in dark, milk and white chocolate (package of 10 assorted). Big snow people are also available (all photos courtesy Dean’s Sweets).


Everything made by Dean’s Sweets, in Portland, Maine, is delicious.

Dean Bingham, a professional architect, began making truffles years ago as a somewhat-casual, somewhat-serious sideline.

Encouraged by everyone who tasted them, he opened a shop, Dean’s Sweets, in 2004.

You’ll find all the classics chocolate truffles, bars and novelties, like chocolate-covered espresso beans, sheep and buttercrunch.

For holiday stocking stuffers, we particularly like the chocolate bar trio (photo #1) for $ 10 ($ 3.65 individually):

  • Dark Chocolate With Brandied Candied Orange Peel
  • Milk Chocolate With Potato Chips
  • White & Dark Chocolate Layers With Crushed Espresso Beans (“Mocha Latte”)
    Also check out the:

  • Bacon buttercrunch
  • Solid chocolate Christmas tree in large or small
  • Little snowmen (photo #2)
  • Peppermint bark
    You’ll have fun browsing the entire website.

    Little Chocolate Snowmen



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