Savino Wine Saver
[1] Savino automatically seals and unseals your wine, so every glass is fresh.

Savino Wine Carafe
[2] The patented technology eliminates the need for the pumps, gasses or corks.

Savino Wine Preservation
[3] It’s a wonderful gift for fine wine lovers! (All photos courtesy Savino).


“Best wine saver ever!” exclaim many wine enthusiasts, over the Savino Wine Carafe.

We’ve tried all the preservation systems that any wine collector has tried, and agree on the Savino.

It’s for people who open really good bottles of wine and don’t consume the entire bottle. The Savino will keep the wine as is for a week.

It’s especially valuable for older wines, which can deteriorate in the bottle as soon as they’re opened.

The system is equally good for red and white wines.

So we also recommend the Savino decanter to wine collectors wanting to experience an aged wine over 2 days.

It’s a great gift for wine lovers. There’s also a plastic version for outdoor use.

Unlike other wine preservation systems, the Savino carafepreserves the wine in an attractive carafe, designed not only to preserve the wine but to serve it directly.

It’s so simple: Just pour the wine into the carafe. There’s no air to pump the air out of a bottle, no gas to spray into it.

The Savino wine carafe is made in the U.S. from durable, high-quality, food-grade glass. There is no BPA or silicone.

It can hold the entire contents of a 750 mL bottle of wine; you can decant into it and serve from the carafe. It’s dishwasher safe

You simply pour the wine from its bottle into the Savino, insert the float to create a physical barrier between the wine and the oxygen, and place the top on the carafe.

We most recently tried the Savino on a rather expensive aged red bordeaux from 1979 vintage. We carefully poured the wine into the Savino, stopping just when we got to the dregs (sediment).

We enjoyed most of the wine in one sitting, and then let it sit for another 24 hours. The wine did oxidize; it was nearly as good as when the bottle was newly opened.

This was quite surprising since even young Bordeaux reds (cabernet/merlot blends) deteriorate faster once opened, in our experience, than most other wine varieties.

We repeated the experiment once more with an even older wine, from 1970. From the start the wine was slightly oxidized from the bottle. But in the Savino the next day it just faded only a bit more.

Not bad a showing, since even in this instance, the Savino was able to slow the deterioration and further oxidation of a 48-year-old red wine.

But we promise: You’ll love it!


Get yours at

It’s also available at Amazon and other retailers: $ 49.95 glass, $ 24.95 plastic.

If you don’t absolutely love your Savino wine preservation system, the company will offer you a refund within 30 days of purchase.

—Kris Prasad


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