We have no plans to be anywhere near Battle Creek, Michigan. But if we could get there, we’d head to Lucky Rooster Kitchen & Cocktails for their Blanco Burger (photo #1).

Fried chicken skins were on the bar-snack menu when a customer thought he spotted chicken skins atop a burger.

He was mistaken, but the chef thought it sounded delicious.

Behold, the Blanco Burger, two 4-ounce beef patties on a brioche bun, with:

  • Smoked gouda
  • Serrano pepper aïoli
  • Lettuce
  • Fried chicken skins
    The skins provide yummy flavor—even better than pork rinds.


    Burger With Chicken Skins
    [1] Crunchy chicken skins on a burger? What a great idea, from Lucky Rooster in Battle Creek, Michigan.

    The result: beefy, crunchy, juicy, salty, smoky and spicy. “to cut through the richness of the rest of the burger.”

    Just what we were looking for to celebrate National Burger Month (May).

    Thanks to Flavor & The Menu for the tip.

    Here’s a recipe for simple chicken skins, and here’s a highly-seasoned chicken skin recipe to turn large pieces of chicken skins into a cracker-size snack.

    Another tip: When you remove the chicken skins before cooking, keep them frozen in a heavy-duty freezer bag until you have enough to fry.

    You don’t need a burger to enjoy them. Like pork rinds, there delicious as is.


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