Brownie A La Mode
[1] Ready to dig in? A creative brownie presentation from Good Food On Montford in Charlotte, North Carolina (photo © Good Food On Montford).


With Father’s Day at hand and future days of desserts, here’s how to turn everyday ingredients into something fun yet fancy.

The idea comes from Good Food On Montford, a restaurant in Charlotte, North Carolina.

A chocolate-chip brownie is delicious in of itself, but the chefs at Good Food On Montford have made it even more enticing with:

  • À la mode, here a scoop of vanilla ice cream
  • A small chocolate chip cookie underneath the ice cream
  • A rim of crushed chocolate chip cookie
  • A mint leaf garnish
    You can apply the same “recipe” to:

  • Other bar cookies*
  • Other ice cream flavors (coffee ice cream is a good counterpoint)
  • Whipped cream, crème fraîche, or mascarpone instead of ice cream
  • A slice of cookie dough, instead of a baked cookie (the dough should be made with pasteurized eggs; many supermarkets sell the eggs or prepared dough made with them)
  • A drizzle of raspberry purée instead of cookie crumbs
  • A berry garnish instead of a mint leaf
  • Any substitution you wish!
    For more inspiration, check out the restaurant’s:

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  • Instagram
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    *Brownies are classified as bar cookies, along with cheesecake bars, lemon or Key lime bars, linzer bars, molasses/spice bars, pecan bars, etc.

    Check out the different types of cookies.


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