Raspberry Spritzer
[1] Framboise and raspberry club soda with fresh raspberries.

Lemonade Cocktail
[2] Lemonade and limoncello with fresh lemon and mint (both photos © RawPixel.com | Pexels).


We were trying to clear out a pantry closet filled with alcohol, which included bottles and bottles of things we rarely use.

  • We only drink wine at home; if guests ask for liquor, it’s almost always vodka.
  • For baking and sauces, we use a few liqueurs—but only occasionally.
    So what do do with half-filled bottles of scotch, unopened bottles of bourbon, and a dozen bottles of never-used liqueurs?

    Give them away. Nobody we offered them to turned them down, even when there were just two inches left in the bottle.

    But we did hold back a few bottles of liqueur to try out today’s tip: liqueur spritzers.

    We had a mix-your-own cocktail party where the ingredients were:

  • Four liqueurs: coffee, framboise (raspberry), kirsch (cherry), limoncello
  • Club soda, plain and flavored (to match the liqueurs)
  • Ginger ale
  • Lemonade
  • Berries, lemon wheels, lime and orange wedges
  • Crushed ice
    We provided rocks glasses, even though these normally would be tall drinks. But in order to see if you like what you’ve mixed, smaller is better.

    A good time was had by all.

  • The favorite by far was lemonade-with-liqueur.
  • Everyone liked a simple spritzer (liqueur with club soda).
  • The “coffee people” asked for milk or cream to turn their coffee-club soda spritzers into “spiked and sparkling iced coffee.”
    And a party bonus: Everyone went home with one or more bottles of liqueurs and spirits.

    Do you have bottles that are sitting around, gathering dust?

    Now you have a plan, perfect for idling on the patio or around the pool.



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