Looking for some sophisticated party fun?

Here’s an idea from Elegant Affairs Caterers, riffing on tomato soup and grilled cheese:

Gazpacho shooters, topped with mini grilled cheese sandwiches.

Make your favorite gazpacho recipe, and use thin bread for the grilled cheese (photo #1).

Another fun gazpacho idea: top the shot glass with Tostitos Scoops filled with salsa (photo #2).

Or, create your own duo. Our mom was fond of hanging a large shrimp over the rim, with a sprig of dill on top of the gazpacho.

Here are some gazpacho recipes to start you off:

  • Avocado Gazpacho
  • Fruit Gazpacho
  • Gazpacho Shooters
  • Gazpacho Shots
  • Gazpacho Verde
  • Gazpacho With Beer
  • Mango Gazpacho With Fromage Blanc Sorbet
  • Melon Gazpacho
  • Pineapple Gazpacho
  • Salsa Gazpacho
  • Strawberry Gazpacho
  • White Gazpacho
  • Other Chilled Fruit Soups & Vegetable Soups

  • Gazpacho Sandwich
  • It Looks Like Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup, But…Surprise!
  • Gazpacho History

    Gazpacho Shooters
    [1] Gazpacho shooters with mini grilled cheese toppers (photo © Elegant Affairs Caterers).

    Yellow Gazpacho
    [2] Yellow gazpacho topped with Tostitos Scoops filled with salsa (photo © Chicken Fried Gourmet [now closed]).


  • Four Creative Tomato Soup & Grilled Cheese Combos
  • Homemade Tomato Soup With Grilled Cheese Croutons

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