Enjoy your Aperol Spritz—or other colorful cocktail—in this fish-shaped stemware.

The shape is actually not the Japanese clownfish, the species of orange-and-white-striped hero of Finding Nemo.

Instead, it’s the infamous Japanese blowfish, or fugu.

If blowfish isn’t prepared properly, lethal amounts of the poison tetrodotoxin, which exists in its inner organs, will leak into the flesh—and kill you.

Thus, you can call your drink the Killer Cocktail.

Or you can go for the gentler name of Finding Nemo.

The glasses hold 8.5 ounces and are made of borosilicate glass, a newer and superior formulation.

Borosilicate does not crack under extreme temperature changes as regular glass can. Its durability has made it the glass of choice for high-end restaurants and wineries.

Here’s more about it.

This glass-as-art (or is that art-as-glass?) doesn’t come cheap. At $ 74.16, it is pricey, to say the least.

It was designed by 100% Chef, which designs creative serveware for the restaurant and catering industries.

But for the right person, it’s a special gift.

Check out these 15 DIY glassware-decorating tutorials, showing beautiful designs you can make yourself.

And although they look like elegant artisan glassware, the article claims that “really pretty simple to make.”


[1] An Aperol Spritz in a “Finding Nemo” glass (both photos © John E. Koerner Company).

[2] Or, more accurately call it Brutus The Blowfish. Get yours here.



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